Tokens being revealed by Playboy

Tokens being revealed by Playboy

Saturday Night Live sold that NFT Sketch for more than $360,000 with all the proceeds going to charity and which prompted Playboy bunnies to hop into NFT market.

After the classic men magazine announced an alliance with Nifty Gateway today, Playboy Centerfolds will be sold as NFTs.

Planning to tokenize its art, cartoon and photography archive built up over sixty seven years, as well as release one original artwork, the entertainment and lifestyle brad, famous for its Playboy bunnies, distinctive logo and the dubious claim that men ‘only read it for articles’

The brand has plans to support emerging underrepresented artist entering NFT art community.  With the first set of NFTs to drop in alliance with former playboy magazine contributor ‘Slimesunday’ also known as Mike Pariesella and a following drop set for June, with 3D artist Blake Kathryn to create a pride-focused series of NFTS., though there is no specific details for its NFTs drops on Nifty.

Speaking to Business Insider, Rachel Webber, Playboy’s chief brand officer and president of corporate strategy, relayed her enthusiasm for adopting NFTs:

“We see the digital asset revolution as an enormous business opportunity, we see huge growth potential in integrating tokens into our streetwear business, our live experiences, and events, creating a social token economy with our network of talent.”

“In the first issue of Playboy magazine, there’s this line, ‘Picasso, jazz, Nietzsche, and sex, those are the four ideal conversation topics for any sophisticated person’,” she added. “Right in the core of Playboy’s DNA is appreciation for art and for great artists.

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