TradeStar is the latest Unique platform for fractional NFTs

The decentralized exchange for NFTs fractional that is aimed on creating a fantasy stock market, is TradeStars. Also, as the fractional NFTs markets are being explored TradeStars has created distinctive features to its platforms. Also, the sports figures that are associated with it are premised on the demand and supply of which assets are priced differently.

Many platforms seeking to explore  the new phenomenon, is tokenizing the real world assets through nonfungible tokens.

Also an exchange where users can trade their shares of any NFT is being built by TradeStars and which makes it distinctive from other platforms.

Real-life performances of any given event, considering that such events have an effect on the value of the shares, will also be tracked and represented by Tradestars.

Users also have an opportunity to win payouts when they invest in the stock of a particular athlete, which will be influenced by the future performance of the athlete.

The platform’s unique approach was a key selling point to some of the investors with AU21 particularly impressed by the Tradestars ingenious approach to gaming. We are thrilled to partner with TradeStars as they introduce a revolutionary approach to fantasy sports. Sports markets play an integral role in the world economy and have served as a unifying force throughout the covid pandemic. TradeStars tokenizes real-world athletic performance and allows for enthusiasts of any sport to trade their favorite players and teams in a fully decentralized marketplace.

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