Travala Got 60% of It’s Bookings Paid With Cryptocurrency

Travala Got 60% of It's Bookings Paid With Cryptocurrency

Travala, the online platform that allows crypto users to book hotel rooms around the world, has registered remarkable growth. More than half of those in December were paid in cryptocurrency. The total number reached 1,528 in December which represents a more than 15% increase over November. Their report states that more than 60% of all Travala bookings in December were paid using cryptocurrencies with bitcoin core (BTC) topping the list with 28%. Whereas Fiat transactions with credit cards and Paypal had a 37% share.

It should be noted that the Cryptocurrency space is really increasing with more people picking interest in Cryptocurrencies. As previously reported, North America recorded the highest number of Cryptocurrency Investments last year, 2019.

It has been predicted that not too long from now, Cryptocurrency will take over most transactions. This has however led in the continuous interest of authorities to make a room for crypto regulation which WILL end up defeating the main idea of Bitcoin.

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