Two Cities in Florida Paid Bitcoin Ransoms This Month

Two Cities in Florida Paid Bitcoin Ransoms This Month

Two cities in Florida recently fell victims to ransomware attacks. They ended up paying the attackers large amounts of bitcoin for them to lift the siege and allow the cities to recover their systems.

Per WCJB, officials in Riviera Beach authorized the city’s insurance carrier to pay roughly $600,000 worth of bitcoin to put an end to a ransomware siege. They later paid an additional $900,000 to buy new equipment after the attack.

Also officials in Lake City voted to allow the city’s insurance carrier to pay hackers 42 bitcoins, currently worth around $467,400. They gave the authorities a decryption key that’s being used to restore the city’s systems.

The 42 BTC amount was reached after the insurance company negotiated with the hackers. Notably, law enforcement agencies like the FBI and security experts discouraged the payment of ransoms in these cases, as they give the attackers a reason to keep going.

The attack on Lake City started on June 10, and was caused by a malware called “Triple Threat,” which infects the network and allowed the hackers to deploy a ransomware known as Ryuk. Though the fire and police departments weren’t affected, the city decided it would be less expensive to pay.

City Manager Joe Helfenberger said:

Based on the advice of the vendors the purchase provided a mechanism to the city to retrieve the city’s files and data, which had been encrypted, and hopefully return the city’s IT system to being fully operational. If this process works it would save the city substantially in both time and money.

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