Uniswap v3 is more gas expensive than v2

With users complaining about the costs associated with using v3, not all have been as enamoured with the latest iteration of the world’s most popular DEX

One respondent to Adams, the CEO of UniSwap stated that he tried to change m y UNI/ETH liquidity to V# failed and paid 108.09 usd worth of gas and which is even more expensive now.

v3 is more expensive to use than its predecessor, noting an example transaction in which he attempted to swap 3 Ether for DAI, according to Dragonfly Capital Managing Partner, Haseeb Qureshi.

“Looks like Uniswap v3 is more gas expensive than v2, roughly as expected. Specifically, it’s about 28% more expensive for single-hop transactions it looks like. For larger transactions that cross multiple ticks/buckets, the gas costs should be slightly larger.”

Others complained of the cost incurred by creating a pool and adding liquidity on the new platform, with one claiming to have paid 0.2 ETH worth roughly $750.

DeFiPrime commented on the complexities of using the new interface via its Telegram feed, stating:

“Add liquidity UI now requires a master’s degree to figure out how to price your liquidity position. It’s a huge step backward from the simplicity we had in v2.”

Fees still seem to be the major drawback of using the platform — although the same can be said of most DeFi projects on Ethereum in recent months. Uniswap needs to wait for the launch of Optimism to bring layer-two scaling to v3.

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