V3 contracts to four Ethereum testnets to be deployed by Uniswap

The highly anticipated V3 iteration is about to be launched by the world leading decentralized exchange Uniswap. All Ethereum test networks have received the successful deployment of V3’s smart contracts to them.

All major Ethereum testnets have received the protocol’s V3 core and periphery smart contracts. These Ethereum testnets includes: Rinkeby, Kovan, Goerli and Ropsten.

The addressed of Testnet which was pasted by Uniswap on Github, are not final and which changes will be made in subsequent times as the team updates it periphery repository in the final phase. Also deployed to GitHub is Version three core contracts.

Rewards of up to $500,000 for the discovery of high severity bugs in V3’s contracts, in a bug bounty was offeredon March 23 and  Uniswap v3 is expected to launch to mainnet on May 5, according to officials.

The passive income aspect of liquidity provision for many casual DeFi investors may be complicated by Uniswap has taking a path of capital efficiency for its next upgrade.

Some of the upgrades in the next iteration include multiple fee tiers which allowing liquidity providers to be compensated for taking on varying degrees of risk. There are also upgrades to the automated market maker bonding curves, which aggregate individual positions into a single pool to form one combined curve for users to trade against.

Uniswap V3 offers three separate fee tiers per pair according to expected pair volatility — 0.05%, 0.30%, and 1.00% — offering greater protection against impermanent loss to liquidity providers.

Despite the high Ethereum network fees, which are currently around $67.86 on average for a token swap on Uniswap according to Etherscan, the DEX continues to attract high trading volumes.

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