Venezuelan State Cryptocurrency ‘Petro’ Now for Sale – Details

Venezuelan State Cryptocurrency ‘Petro’ Now for Sale – Details

Venezuelan State Cryptocurrency

The Venezuelan government has announced that the Venezuelan State Cryptocurrency, Petro is now available for sale and can be bought with bitcoin and litecoin.

Tareck El Aissami, the Venezuelan Vice president of the Economy on October 29th tweeted thus:

“The Petro may be acquired by legal and natural persons from its web portal.”

The announcement of the Petro’s availability comes as a surprise because it was formerly scheduled for November 5th. Whether or not the latest announcement declaring the Petro available will actually turn out to be accurate however remains uncertain for now. Also if it will be taken up and adopted by Venezuelans who already have very low levels of trust in government pronouncements and projects following the inflation in the country is still a subject of uncertainty.

According to the official Petro website quoted in the tweet, Petros are now available for sale to buyers using bitcoin and litecoin.

The Petro’s block explorer has claimed to have 304 blocks with 41 connections at press time.

Following the controversy surrounding the ICO which president Maduro claimed was a success, we are waiting to see how the market will respond to the news from Venezuelan authorities.

Stay tuned …

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