Voice, Crypto-Powered Social Media Platform Announces Beta

Voice Crypto-Powered Social Media

Block.one announced the beta launch date for its new social media platform Voice.  Per an official update published on December 5th, the beta for Voice will launch on February 14th, 2020. This was first announced in June and Voice seeks to differentiate itself from the rest of social media platforms by relying upon EOS and blockchain.

The official update reads,

Voice: a blockchain-powered social network that rewires the formula in users’ favor—cutting out the opaque one-sided data auctioneering, eliminating the hidden algorithms, and cycling value back into users’ hands in the form of the Voice Token.

Users earn Voice Tokens by engaging in the platform, which the post refers to as “being you, and expressing your voice.” The update says that users cash in on Voice Tokens in order to draw greater attention to their content, thereby creating a network where “what’s good for the platform is also good for you.”

Per Voice, “tens of thousands” of users have already registered for the beta and the creators are working with “legislators and regulators” prior to the launch.

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