1. Fake they are…how can you take people’s money and go offline…we cant open our accounts and receive of Gh …please don’t ask others to join and make them lose their fortune thanks…but in the beginning was really good but not anymore.. .they don’t exist

  2. Givers Admins l want to inform you that l have reported the issue to the police so please if you don’t want any trouble be quick to send my Gh 1020 which l committed and never received either my money or the interest into my airtel mobile money 0266829552 as quick as possible cos you can run but you cannot hide.

  3. Please, have mercy on me and pay me back.
    I ph 2000 and recommitted 2000 and I didn’t receive a dime.
    Please,I went for a loan so pay me back so that I can settle the loan. Please,0540482255 is my number. thanks

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