Will Amazon Join the Crypto Craze? – Details

Will Amazon Join the Crypto Craze? – Details

A recent poll just revealed that people are clamoring for Amazon to create its own cryptocurrency.

It’s something Amazon has apparently been mulling over for some time now – dating back to 2017.

And Starbucks is thinking of jumping in too by integrating the blockchain into their app.

Whether these things happen or not doesn’t really matter, except for one thing…

It shows that cryptos are here to stay.

When mega-corporations like Amazon and Starbucks are in on something, it’s no longer just “a bubble.”

Even Bill Gates went on record saying “Bitcoin is better than currency…”

And while all of this is going on, dozens of little-known cryptos are producing eye-opening returns…

A crypto called Dash recently gave investors the chance to become millionaires…

In 2017 alone, Dash went from $12 per coin all the way to $1,240.

That’s a one-year gain of 10,233%.

If you’d put just $500 into Dash last January, you’d be sitting on $51,000 right now.

A $10k stake would have made you a millionaire.

The crazy part is things like this are happening all the time…

And I’ve found THREE cryptos that are primed to explode.

Check out a rundown of these three cryptos right here.

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