World’s 10th Largest Crypto Tezos Rises 1,000% in One Year

Crypto Tezos Rises 1000

Crypto Tezos Rises 1000

Many cryptocurrencies witnessed a strong recovery last year with gains of well over 100% seen by most cryptocurrencies. Tezos (XTZ) however records as the only large-cap cryptocurrency to achieve more than 1,000% growth during this time. This growth saw Tezos leap its way up the cryptocurrency rankings, climbing from 22nd place in December 2018 up to 10th place as of today. Its market capitalization has now swelled to more than $2.5 billion

Tezos which is written in Ocaml is a technology for deploying a blockchain capable of modifying its own set of rules. This will be achieved with minimal disruption to the network through an on-chain governance model.


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