Earnit currently having payment issues – Many Complaints incoming

Earnit currently having payment issues – Many Complaints incoming

Earnit generally known as Earnit Ghana is currently having payment issues as many people are complaining. Earnit is a peer to peer payment system built into an App. It operates largely in Ghana, Africa.


Ernestina dropping a comment about this platform wrote: “I was due to receive 1st March and 3rd March….since 1st and 2nd February…. But I have seen nothing…. Why please… Whats really going on… I have had patience for more than a month… Please… 0555381890”


John Marfo dropped a comment saying “Hello please Earnit and it is a fake and corrupt platform so please do and send my money back to me on my number right now or else so please do a so with biggest favor to do that I can’t join this fake app anymore so please this is my number do right and send my money through and I really want all the pledge I did and here are the date
3rd march 2018
4th march 2018
9th march 2018
9th march 2018
9th match 2018
9th match 2018
12th march 2018

So I need my 700gh cedis
this is my number 0541163758”

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Sampson dropped a comment saying: “My maturity date is due but am not been matched to be paid yet”

NB – You are advised to invest with caution.


  1. Senior:
    ‼️‼️‼️ATTENTION ‼️‼️‼️

    And so what do u expect us to do for you? Commit suicide for you to be paid? Mtcheeeewwww!!!!!

    Some dudes idiotically think that by complaining they running down P2P. You running down your very self.

    Only people from Shithole complain on P2P business to scare newbies from pledging for you to GH¢.


    THE SHITHOLE mentality must stop now!!!

  2. Am surprise people are making this comments, this p2p is a risk taking investment. You have to weigh your level of risk before you join. So please you have taken a risk so you have to bear the consequence of the risk.

    It is true that earnit made a mistake by closing new registration and this has brought all this issue of payment but they can revive it if proper management is put in place so it won’t occur again.

    I took a risk of more than 1500.00 but am bearing it because I new the outcome is 50-50 that is either I gain my capital and the interest or I lose my capital and interest.
    So please weigh your risk level before you join any p2p group.

    Thank you.

    • Some people only enter, such p2p programme to amass wealth, thus displaying sheer greedines. one must live to eschew greediness, all investments carry potential risks, and all p2p carry 50% Success rate if pragmatic measures are out in place to avoid hit and run tactics.
      one of such p2p outfit, which is really testing and soaring above all challenges is gdc-ghana of which it has even planted its legs in nigeria has well, and thus testimonies are endless so to speak.
      we have classes that educate new participants on whatsapp if the INDIVIDUAL, is content and satisfy, we registered him/her ,one uniquness about \gdc is every participant or group has a fund manger/guider who controls every one in the group by helping out with challenges and so forth.
      Rules are very strict to avoid hit and run.
      In the new participant class when all have digested the policies and operations of \gdc, the individual is now assign to a manger, of which the individual will be place in the manger telegram page for live chats and updates, as well added to the gdc info channel as well…\
      for more info, please call
      1)0244571017 or alternatively you can join the class via whatsapp link
      2)https://chat.whatsapp.com/8Yz3taSZ8VzLQHZcfXcW2p ( pls indicate your name when joining it is important)
      3) log in to read more ===www.gdc-ghana.net, if you are satisfy then you can register through this link

  3. I pledged 1500 and my wife also pledged 1500 this is our first time of joining our time is due yesterday but nothing am waiting until earnit become better though we have never enjoyed their service but i believe that things will be ok

    • Dear Lawrence
      i wish u could join GDC, they are the best so far, sorry to hear this, i am also part of earnit, thus still waiting for my reward…. life must continue, so i join GDC, since earnit went down but am glad i was able to revive hopes in others when i introduce them to GDC ( Global donors community)..
      No Ponzi stuff about this nor azaa like other p2p app or sites,,
      you can log in to read more tru or you can call me for more info on 0244571017,,,

        • @ Kfi,
          if you were really following the update proceedures, u ll get to understand that all those whose monies were lock up during the upgrade, 50% was paid. I was part of it, and that moni was given to reinvest into the scheme of which i have gained my 100% on it,,
          I will advice u quickly log back into ur BO, and do the needful to get back your money please

  4. I was due last month 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th February but didn’t see anything. But instead it was forwarded to this month March 1st and 2nd, and still has not heard anything. What is really going on. I have had patients for a month now and still nothing is happening. Please my number is 0246525424

  5. those of u dropping msgs demanding for your refund from earnit, tke note this page is not for earnit, please, this page belongs to \Testboo, so continuous complain about earnit on this page will not yield any positive results trust me, try to find the hidden admins and speak to them

  6. Dear Cynthia,,,,
    those of u dropping msgs demanding for your refund from earnit, tke note this page is not for earnit, please, this page belongs to \Testboo, so continuous complain about earnit on this page will not yield any positive results trust me, try to find the hidden admins and speak to them

    As pledging is gaining strong momentum,
    We want to thank our cherished customers for hanging on with us through thick and thin and fighting for more pledges during this season
    And encouraging each other to pledge, right now we are happy to inform you that pledges are coming in massively and a lot more people are being matched to receive,we encouraged more people to pledge. and we have been successful.
    throughout the month of February we Moved from 2000 likes to 9000 likes on facebook and as you can see our response rate has been voted on facebook as the best as compared to other p2ps and our incentive for free pledging this whole week has been rewarding as many people have been matched to receive, and are still earning heavily,
    Therefore we take this opportunity to apologize for our downtime and the heartache it might have caused our cherished customers we promise you we would be and do the best,
    If for any reason your pledge has been delayed for a few days please be assured you will surely be matched to receive. We however advice those who are recieving to testify so that others will know we are delivering as promised thank you.

    Kindly join our info page on telegram to get new updates on our new policies, thank you.
    , You said this yet still it been a week now and nothing to receive, Why

  8. what’s happening now,my account has been refreshing and I was asked to reinstall , I did and now I can’t log in again ,hmmmmm

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