Earnit – Why Do Dates Change Or Why Does It Keep Changing

Earnit – Why Do Dates Change Or Why Does It Keep Changing

When you pledged we had from between 1-10 days to match you in order for you to receive payments from other peers so the day of your “maturity” is written for you as 2nd February, so you are very sure that you will be matched to receive double of the money you pledged, on the 2nd of February.


Then by 27th of January people hear false rumours and there was a 1% reduction in pledges this means that only 99% percent will receive on that day, meaning some will be delayed into 11 days.


Then people begin to complain and those who wanted to pledge on the 28th panicked so pledging reduced by 5% that will mean that on the 28th, only 85% will receive their matches plus those who couldn’t receive as a result of the delay of the previous days matching.

‎And those who were to receive on that day are shifted backwards so that your ten days now become 15 days and that is what we call a “QUEUE ” now we need 105% pledges within a day to cover the period or we have to extend the day to 30 days so that through patience and perseverance more people will pledge.
‎ ” in order to reduce, the queue! ”
The more the pledging percentage increases the more the days reduce and the quicker you receive your money

That is why we have changed the date to a month, to assure you that your money will definitely come, as more people pledge

This and many more explanations will keep coming to let you know how we run!!

Remember “more pledges, shorter days ”

Valar dohearis

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Earnit is a peer to peer system built into an app. It is currently refunding money to it’s members who pledged in January and can no longer exercise patience till they are matched.

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