1. Please I was due for 800.00 since 16th and today is 19th….still not been matched….name is Alex Kwaku Dadzie with registered number 0548989324
    Kindly help out

    • Hi there….please it has come to my notice that people are panicking cos of my comment about not receiving my cashnon its due date. To all the new people out there who read my complain and called to varify if earnit is real…..I want yo tell you that its real and I have gained a lit from it and still waiting for more.
      The reason I did not receive on time is cos I refused to go through the update process that was alert through the dashboard…. So all I wanted to know is when I can get my cash again after doing the update now.
      Panick not…am enjoying from it but its a consequence I had to pay for not following instruction.
      Thank you.

  2. By what means should I invite my friends in other to earn extra credit.
    Can I just call them to inform them to join?.
    Do I earn added credit if I just tell them face to face and they join.

    • Go to task and and invite friends by sending the link through your preferred means…..you can get 20crts for inviting them through the link.you get nothing by inviting them face to face or verbally.

  3. Hi good evening I need a brief about transferring money to wrong person. Is there anyway the money can be retrieved.Nana Yaw

    • Oopps….that’s your personal issue….earnit can’t help…but kindly call the person and talk to him or her so he sends back the cash to you…. And be careful next time.make sure the name you see reflects on the registered name on the detail dashboard. All the best in retrieving your cash.

  4. Please when first paying for the 200 CRT in the wallet number column what do we write?… Is it the amount you want them to deduct or its your MTN mobile money number…. Thank you

  5. Please when first paying for the 200 CRT in the wallet number column what do we write?… Is it the amount you want them to deduct or its your MTN mobile money password?…. Thank you

  6. Pls I have sent the money to the one I’m suppose to send to,but she is not doing the confirmation, I have called her several times but she is not picking my calls, text her a message but still not hearing from her,what can u do abt that pls

  7. Dear earnit,please I would like to know whether if I send money to the right person and he or she never confirms me ,is earnit going to retrieve back my money or what will be the next action

  8. Please, do we use the crts for payment or the money is deducted from your mobile money account, whilst your crts is untouched?

  9. Please I pledged and made payment for someone on 6th January and I was supposed to also earn it on 16th but I haven’t had anything as of now? Please do I have to wait for another couple of days or I have been robbed of my Ghc100? Samshupe and 0249392929 are my details and

  10. I currently dont have access to my facebook account and did not register with an email or password is there im to receive 1200 on the 28th and im really frustrated is there that can be done to help me

  11. Please I’ve been given the details of people I’m supposed to make a transaction to but I don’t know how to go About it…. Help me out please… #

    • First call the number to verify and tell the person that you’ll be sending him or her money so he or she should confirm for you when it comes

  12. Was informed by a frnd.I activated for 500CRTS. However, I was not allowed to pledge with an amount.Lt was already set at 100cedis.
    Why can’t l pledge an amount of my choice than what platform had already put there and l only confirmed it

  13. My pledge matured 18/01/2018. I received only one matching and was paid. But I’m yet to receive the second matching till now. No matching is displaying on my dashboard too. kindly check it for me. my number is 0249654205.

  14. Our moneys means a lot to all of us and we all love to make profits and never wanna make loss. Please how do we know if we sending cash to da wrong accounts??

    • I don’t know why some people have to soo ignorance fools to the extend that when they receive the money then they refuse to confirm u. till wen will some people learn sense and reason up. I think the administrator has to improve their app of giving option on the dashboard to inform of payment b4 the payee confirms. so that wen the payee refuse to confirm u people know how to help us out. I know earnit is real but only one or two stupids people can collapse it. sori pals

  15. Please My pledge matured 18/01/2018. I received only one matching and was paid. But I’m yet to receive the second matching till now. No matching is displaying on my dashboard too. Please kindly help me out. 0546674661

  16. Please I have been trying to confirm some numbers which sent money to me but am not able to .
    This is the feed back.

    Error! Unable to confirm transaction. Code:534. Report this to an Admin immediately.  BACK 

    Unable to confirm Payment. Contact an Admin. BACK 
    Please help me to confirm me

  17. Hello,I just created an account and clicked the pledge button but it suggested I purchase CRTs. How is that done ? And how can I pledge

  18. I am having been trying to confirm someone’s payment but when I do,
    it writes error contact admin ….code 543….please help

  19. I want to change my personal number on my profile but unable to do so. I made a mistake and I cant start without rectifying it.
    It says I should contact the admin buh I do not see any of his contact details anywhere.
    If someone can help me with this it will be much appreciated

  20. Please I mistakenly used a wrong contact on my status instead of 0552531382 I typed 0552531383 and my will go to the wrong contact please help me

  21. Hello Guys! I think this system is like microfinance. The difference is that it operates electronically. My doubts is that,How do they make a 100% profit returns to you(the investor) in such a short time? Also why is Alex not putting up a profile of him since I guess he answers most of the questions on the platform? Are they(earnit) not only waiting to have more people invest and one day they’ll run it the money like the others?

    • The money you send does not go to any admin, rather to individual earnit members. the admin only make money nased on the CRTs you purchase and as long as we the users of earnit are honest in confirming payment made to use and redeeming our pledge then there’s no need to worry because earnit is here to stay and all men must serve to earn.

  22. Please I’m a new Earnit member I just logged in and was having 200 CRT’s I click on the pledge and was notified that my account is inactive…
    please what’s wrong.im just a new member

  23. Sir maybe right but what makes it susu.
    Susu I know u r paid your contributions but this I heard u earn 100% on your contributions.
    Which is paid you by members who r matched by d system to make payment to u.
    Am new though but yet to test it credibility.

  24. Please I have been matched to pay someone and I did but when the person try to confirm they tell him to contact the administrator….and up till now is not confirmed so how does he confirm it please.

  25. And am given a lot of text to pay the person which I already did yesterday so please I need the administrator’s number

    • it is a peer to peer online financial support system and not gambling or betting. however like every investment there is a little risk and that comes in when some people don’t redeem their pledge or confirm after payment has been made

  26. I pledged and I was matched with Nana Kwesi 0554757508 after receiving the money his line is off. I can’t get him again.

  27. You people should be vigilant. How can they use a maximum of 9 days to pay 100% interest? Even the world bank cannot do such a thing.a friend sugges it to me and I decided to do an investigation about it and see what people are saying.my brothers and sisters please think far

  28. Please I’m Bright, a friend just recommended Earnit to me, I’ve downloaded the app but when I click on it they told me “sorry, we are not receiving new accounts currently, try again next month ” please did I download the right app or there is a mistake.

  29. PLEASE I supposed to be paid gh400 on20th but I was matched with only two people and am still waiting for rest two people to be matched with me so what should I do

  30. Thumbs up to who ever introduced this amazing financial peer to peer app. Its the best so far .
    Guys,it works 100% returns and money pledged

  31. 0544668308
    Kindly add me to the whatsapp group

    Issue: I pledged today but i have still not being matched

    Thank you.

  32. Now b4 you make payment to any one pls call the person first and alert him it that you want him to confirm you have he or she received something like that.B4 you send the money.Now those of you who are afraid of joining don’t worry, you can keep you money like that.Even the rich people risk b4 they gain.Thank you.

    • buying CRTs does not mean you should be matched, you are only matched after you pledge and make payment for the pledge. then when the maturity date is up you are matched to receive payment from others. thank you

  33. This is a good initiative but if we don’t take care some unscrupulous humans will collapse it. Why are we treating ourselves like this, some are being wicked to the person who sends the money by not confirming on the money received. Pls we all need to confirm wenever we receive the payment, thanks

  34. please a friend sent me the link so I downloaded the app. but I’ve been trying to register but I couldn’t. when I click on “continue with Facebook” then it comes back to the home page again. I’ve been trying for almost three weeks now please help me out.

  35. Cant you see that they are running with your monies, they have their own moble number that they rematched you to hahahaha…… By the end of this week

  36. Since when has earnit been in existence? And how do I register coz I have downloaded the app but I cannot find any register on it.

    • Please, if you are on Earnit, just stop pledging and keep your money. Don’t advise ur friends to come into it. Because, if you do so Earnit will laugh and you and your friends will cry 😢

  37. I was matched with someone, I he called me and I sent him the money, right after that I was rematched with another person instead of me the confiemation.
    My number is 0247854100. How do I get confirmed

    • may be you mistakenly pledge again without your notes.but try and contact the person you send the money to confirm you,if the person you send the money to didnt confirm u,bring the person name and number here.The admin would do something about it for u.

  38. Do any one have the contact for the administrator or the leaders of the operation. Or number to call in case of any challenges

  39. please cant Vodafone users also buy credit? cos I’ve been trying to buy credit it order to pledge but it’s only MTN that shows even though I registered with my Vodafone number.

  40. Hi, My name is Sintim Asante,

    I registered with a vodafone number and later realized the default is MTN so i have bought an MTN sim but i am not able to change the number on my details although i have pledged with the MTN number.
    Its says you can only change you details once, and that i should contact Admin if i want to do further changes please help am new on this (1st pledge)

    • send the following details to this number 0244809257 on watsapp…
      Current number….
      new number to set on account….
      current CRT balance…..
      brief reasons for the changes….
      It will be in no time. Was having the same problem and just got it fixed

  41. please I registered with my Vodafone number but only realised I can only buy credit with MTN so I decided to edit my profile in order to use the MTN but I’ve been asked to contact the administrator..

  42. I was matched with someone. the person called me and I paid the money which she confirmed receiving. but she has not confirmed me. where I call she doesn’t pick up. what should I do

  43. I bought CRTS about few minutes ago but I was told that I have insufficient CRTS when I try to pledge. please help me out 0240734404

  44. Pls there is mistake with the matchings… I was matched with only 7 people instead of 10 cos I pledged 500gh n those that I was pledged with too when I confirm, It indicate that they av paid me twice when it only once. Pls check the mistakes and rectify.. Thank you

  45. please what’s the meaning of “valar dohaeris”
    becos people are saying it’s the greetings of those who worship gods of many heads ( earth gods )

    • Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      please add me to the official earnit whatsapp platform.
      my number is 0240162337

  46. Good evening please
    Am Bob Joseph -0245077228 who have pending tractions of 3 today which means am to receive ghs 600.00.Am been match to receive ghs 100.00 from -0242228500 which he paid but after confirming him it appeared that he paid ghs 200.00, ghs 100.00 each appearing on past tranctions and i also received 20crts from which confirmation. Contact to him, but he said he only pledge ghs 100.00 and was matched to pay me ghs 100.00.Aslo my incoming funds now reduce to only two meanwhile so far i had only ghs 100.00 returns.
    Please check the abnormalities and correct it.

    Thanks for cooperation
    Joseph Wiah

  47. pls I logged out but blogging inn has been a problem and my maturity date have come and people are sending me money so how can I assets my accounts to confirmed them.
    the accounts name is Danilo Oyeh,and primary number is 0543241550

  48. Hello, please I’ve received payments but I can’t simply confirmed the people, I’ve tried it several times but the system keep telling me error. Please help me bcoz the people are disturbing me. 0245791541

  49. Please i suggest users of the app should access it with a code of their own for security purposes. With this no other person can access the without the security code or password. I hope developers of the app or admin can do something about it for us users.
    Best regards….

  50. My name is Emmanuel Afriyie. I have send my pledge to Yvonne Akapko Which Am waiting to be confirmed. She said she has been blocked so please I will be very happy if u will unblock her for her to confirm to MA pledge. I have been given 6:04pm today. Please am really begging.plS Please am really begging

  51. I was matched to someone to pay ghc 100 of which I did.
    I was expecting the person to confirm my payment. but she keeps saying that the server is bad and she can’t confirm. what should I do??

  52. please my number is mtn. not tigo. I want to pledge and I have to buy credit Dat is my crt. but u said my number is not an mtn line why. it’s plsss try and help.

  53. i have downloaded the app and i am trying to register but it says registration is closed till next month is it possible for me to know the exact day that the registration will be opened

  54. Please I was suppose to received my earning on 25th and 26th of this month, but I haven’t received the money, please what is wrong, what should I do, I’m getting scared.

  55. Can someone briefly explain, I mean the old participant’s, 1.how to pay ur money
    2.how to know that you are confirmed
    3.how to see that you are being matched
    4.how to know that you are earning?
    Pls help me on that so that people will not get confused bcs there are many complaints about paying and receiving back their own money and their interest, so that the dates to be received alsAo must be intact. Tnk yu

  56. I noticed that at 8pm today the dashboard still shows. It didn’t not indicate that matching is ongoing . Does it mean Matching is suspended for today.
    Am Prosper. Please add me to the what’sapp group. Tanx

  57. @earnit, @victor, @alex, @sammy, @obed.
    Clearly it seems there has been a lot of issues coming up or being raised of lot but no answer or response to most of them and this is causing a lot of people to think twice about pledging as they are not able to be confirmed due to system error.

    Personally I believe to make the system more attractive and safe these issues should be properly addressed.

    1. Issues of system error making it difficult for other to confirm receive of payment. You can include in the app a paid column or session so that if one is done making payment he can select it to notify you so that you follow up on the confirmation if it’s not done.

    2. Issues of not being able to purchase CRTs on other network aside mtn. As I believe Earnit is here to stay, it would be best for all involved if you can go into agreement with other network service providers so that those not using mtn can purchase CRTs from their service providers as I sure that is where you make your money/income.

    3. Maturity date being due but not yet matched. People pledge based on needs and forecast so if stated that the maturity date for one to receive his/her money is 1-10 days then let it be maintained instead of it being further extended or changed continuously as this might affect the person who pledged and even take his confidence out of the system.

    4. CRT store being closed. As we all know , without CRTs on can’t pledge and without pledging others whose maturity date is up might not be matched as there is not money to be matched to, as there is a quick alert on our dashboard that the CRT store has been closed for a while and with be back soon do work within the shortest possible time to make it functional again so that people will be able to purchase CRTs and pledge for those whose maturity date is up to be matched.

    5. Social Media Platform. A lot of people has been requesting to be added to the official WhatsApp or telegram platform but no response to them. Kindly do so as some unscrupulous people might want to take advantage and create unofficial pages claiming it to be Earnit and benn duping the users of Earnit.

    I will end here and come back later with other concerns as and when they come up.

    Keep up the good work guys.

  58. Please I pledge,and I was given a maturity date of 26/01/2018. I was match with only one person up-to now the other person hasn’t been matched. And I’m having another maturity date of 27/01/18 also haven’t been yet match. So please help me.my no. is 0248413972 THANKS

  59. please I pledged 100gh last week but you only paired only one person to pay 100gh to me. remaining one..so when will that be shown on my phone..

  60. A friend of mine was matched, has paid da money, the other person says he has confirmed but still appear on his dashboard as pending. ?awaiting confirmation..pls is he supposed to do

  61. If someone is about to receive payment and his phone is missing, by all means he will be match to be paid. How then can he comfirm.

  62. Please why do the maturity dates keep changing? And am supposed to recieve payment today but i haven’t. Please WHAT IS HAPPENING?? Are we going to have our monies back? Also now that the credit store is closed, how can one buy credits and get matched? Please our monies have gone into this we beg of you to do something about it please. Thanks.

    • Great to earnit for good planning but a word of caution,I don’t think it will be appropriate to delete me if I have not pledge for last 10 day if am also be waiting to paid.If I have pledged 5 which is equivalent to receiving 1000.00ghs and I was matched and paid only 100.00ghs,I cannot pledge or buy CRTs to activate my account unless I received all payment before otherwise pledging or account activation.
      As at now no maturity date schedule on my pledges only February.
      patience is golden-0245077228
      valar dohaeris-waiting to get pay.

  63. Please I sent money (100) to this number(0546179309) but she didn’t confirm me. I called her but she didn’t send me the money back.

  64. **********EARNiT ALERT************
    Thank you for your patience and trust
    Pending, our optimization of the CRTs Store, we wish to inform you that it will take longer than anticipated.

    On that note, we will run a FREE PLEDGING BONUS starting today, 4pm.
    After each pledge, your CRTs will appear to have been deducted on the app. *Simple refresh it by tapping on the CRTs and your previous balance will be restore accordingly.
    Do not Pledge if you do not have sufficient funds on your wallet since matching could be instant.
    Confirmation bonuses are still active. Make payment early and be confirmed to enjoy free CRTs.
    Enjoy EARNiT Pledges. Offer lasts till 4pm, 29th January.
    Stay tuned in for more updates.
    *Thank you.
    valar dohaeris..

    I’ll keep us updated as and when I get the information.

    @Earnit do not put us to shame. We admire your hardworking and the benefits we are enjoying as users…

  65. Please a friend inform me about this platform but anytime am trying to register myself it say i should wait for next month. Please i want to know why cos i really want to participate in it please

  66. pls iv sent 100gh to 0244997221(Anthony Badu) but he can’t confirm because of issues with the app..pls confirm me cos deadline is today 6:30. pm

  67. Am Raymond,I pledged 100gh last week so was expecting 200gh to be paid to me but i hv been matched with one person for 100gh for which i confirmed…hv been waitin for the other matching for 100gh…Shd i wait for more hours or wat…?

  68. Please my wife Rachel Ankamah -0240984262 matured 2 days ago but was rescheduled today 27 January but yet still no matching for her to receive payment.Please check up for her.

  69. Please my maturity date was supposed to be yesterday but it was extended to today 27/01/18 but I’ve still not been matched yet. Please try to rectify that for me. 0241291684

  70. Hi.. Am Ben. Please my date to receive payment for 8 pledges has long past.. 26th January 2018.. I have been match to only two accounts since yesterday to receive payment from…. What is happening? 0549107260.

  71. I pledged, was matched and paid, called the person and he confirmed it and it disappeared from the pending transactions but not showing in the incoming funds and was later matched again. please what do I do?

  72. My maturity date is due since yesterday yet no payment, what is really going on?

    If there is any problem I think the customers have to know and not kept in the dark
    Kofi Anim Owusu…….

  73. Hello….pls my maturity date, 27th has passed but no matching to be paid. How long should I wait please???

    please add me to the WhatsApp page 0543314831

  74. Eeiiii so no one’s gonna reply us right??? Please anyone in the whatsapp group should add me so I can get it touch with the admins. 0241291684. TIA

  75. Am really happy cuz I have been match to receive payment. So far 70% received, thanks to Earnit, more confidence on you guys.

  76. I’m Sarkodie Daniel,I pledged on the 19/1/2018 and I’m to receive my returns today 28/1/12018,I went to my dashboard and find out that nobody has been matched to me . Please do something about it. thank you

  77. Stephen Manso(0240203616)
    plz my maturity date supposed to be today, 28th but I haven’t heard anything up till now. kindly help

  78. Hello Pals, management of earnit is currently working tirelessly to ensure that, any problem and challenges faced with members are addressed. Thank you.

  79. Earnit will only collapse when we participants harbour fears and stop pledging,it’s good and genuine. Let’s keep it for our own benefits.

  80. My number: (Mtn) 0540638891
    Please my maturity date is due today 28th, January. I haven’t been matched to any one and I haven’t heard anything yet..its 6:00pm…. Please help

  81. The day to receive my money has elapsed.. 27th January 2018 … Plz can u match me to someone… One pending incoming fund.

  82. plz my maturity date Is today,
    28th but I haven’t heard anything up till
    now. account number is 0241858694 check out for me.

  83. Two of my pledges were due yesterday. One is fully matched but is left with one match for the other. My number is 0556784093. Please check for me.

  84. ***EARNiT ALERT*******
    Thank you for your patience
    and Trust

    Please stay calm. All issues of single matching for 26th and 27th are being sorted out. No need to raise a complaint to an admin. It will be auto-corrected.

    We have noted that the system has single matched 26th and 25th deadlines and matching 29th and 30th. We are working on it today.

    Your Patience is Golden.

    Stay tuned in for more updates.
    Thank you.

    valar dohaeris

    • Please good morning.
      I was suppose to GH of 7 different matching. yesterday thus 28 but didn’t receive any and the date too hasn’t change

      The fb name is Nana Kwame Keplerson
      Account details Alex Ben Wiafe Twum
      Number 0240234507

      Please help me out

      Thank you

    • Please what are you doing about those of us whose maturity date is up on the 29th of January but yet not received anything

  85. please check my account for me my maturity date is 28/01/2018 but till now have not been matched account number is 0241858694.

  86. please I was due ghc400 on 27th and ghc200 28th but till now I have not been matched meanwhile I was matched to make payments for the two additional pledges I made today.am worried

  87. Pls my maturity date was 28th January 2018 for an amount of 1200 cedis but have not been matched. Pls do something about it. Pls add me to the Watsapp group. 0246823300

  88. Eric Essien:
    Thank you for your
    patience and Trust

    Good morning once again. This is a quick alert to inform everyone who has been matched to receive or make payment to hasten the process of confirmation and so free up resources on the system. There are 6,028 confirmations currently pending to be made.

    Help EARNiT to help You. Thank you

    Stay tuned in for more updates.
    valar dohaeris

  89. Please i am supposed to be paid on the 28th jan but i’ve still not been matched to anybody to make payments to me…please Earnir do something …0558769155
    Michael sackey

  90. My maturity date was 27th January but I have not been matched to receive payment and today is 29th January so please help me my number is 0542887215

  91. My name is Wakaso Abdul Manan with registration number 0248404831 my pledge matures today, but I have not been matched yet

  92. Please my maturity date was 28/01 @ 0245077228 and my wife own was 25/01 @ 0240984262 but non of us was matched to received payment still till now.
    Please check it up for us to continue to pledge.

  93. My dearest why don’t you people reopen the registration for new account as it was (8:00-10:00) because I can see that all the cause of the problem now for not match people on the due date is the closed of the registration of new account. so I wish you should reopen the registration for new account to its normal time will help to solve about 90% of these problems.
    please try to match me as early as possible because……..
    account number 0241858694
    account name : Emmanuel Gyamfi Gyapong

  94. Please I have pledged 700gh today and have been matched to pay people but what is due me since 28th has not been paid. Please match people to pay me some wai

  95. You have done a great job, Patience is really golden. I was due on the 28 and some payment have been made to me which I appreciate much but I still have 2 others that I have to receive which no one has been matched to me.please rectify this for me ,thanks 0541176850

  96. please since my maturity date which was 28th till now I have not been matched to anybody please check out for me account number 0241858694

  97. Account name: Emmanuel Gyamfi Gyapong
    account number: 0241858694
    *Incoming Funds*
    Emmanuel Gyamfi Gyapong
    paid: GHc100
    Received: GHc0
    Maturity Date:
    28th Jan
    Emmanuel Gyamfi Gyapong
    paid: GHc100
    Received: GHc0
    Maturity Date:
    30th Jan
    Emmanuel Gyamfi Gyapong
    paid: GHc100
    Received: GHc0
    Maturity Date:
    29th Jan
    Emmanuel Gyamfi Gyapong
    paid: GHc100
    Received: GHc0
    Maturity Date:
    29th Jan
    Emmanuel Gyamfi Gyapong
    paid: GHc100
    Received: GHc0
    Maturity Date:
    29th Jan

  98. Hi.. Admin, please my maturity date is 30 Jan 2018 and yet I haven’t earn a “cobo ” as at 31 Jan, 2018 all because I haven’t been matched yet.
    pls do well to match me if you are reading this… the name is Amos Addae Markin; 0246050343.

    and pls I would like to be part of the whatsapp group, so I would appreciate it if you add me.

  99. What is happening is scaring ooo. Diamond castle will overshadow you people if u don’t look sharp.

    I have a lot of incoming funds which haven’t been fulfilled and maturity dates has passed.

  100. I paid for 100 crts and money deducted from my mobile money but it didn’t add up to my crt balance. My number is 0556784093.kindly check it up for me. I need to pledge.

  101. I have again paid 20 cedis for 200 crts no show.
    Payment for GHS20.00 to GENERAL PAYMENT PAYMENT.Current Balance: GHS 224.50. Transaction Id: 2872000797. Fee charged: GHS0.00.

  102. Please could you help with my issue?I am overdue GH₵1200,but since 29 th january up to
    date.I am comfused,is there any contact so I can call for help?
    my contact is 0243831000

  103. We are sorry for this inconvenience.For those whose maturity dates are up but haven’t received their payments should kindly calm down. You will be getting paid within 48hrs after your date. #EarnItGhana
    You will be matched normally to receive all your pending earnings as usual.
    Please bear with us.
    To be constantly updated, follow us on Twitter

  104. For those who can’t log in again, it’s either your internet connection is messing up or you have created a 2nd account with the same Facebook account or the same mobile number. Be advised. #EarnItGhana

  105. please my number is 0241010142 my maturity date was on the 29 if January but up to now I haven’t been match what is the problem.

  106. please, my transaction has matured since January 30 and up till now I haven’t been matched up to anyone to receive my payment so I need an answer as to when I will be paid.

  107. Ive been trying to confirm people since yesterday and the deadline is less then 2hrs from now. Please help me . Jonathan Teye ,0242942653

  108. Am Mohammed Abdul Aziz I made payments to seven people last month and my maturity dates were given as follows 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st Jan and 3rd Feb respectively.I received only one out of the seven on the 30th.Now tried opening the app and told sorry they are not taking new accounts this month and that I should try next month.what is happening? Is it that money is gone like that ?What happens to the rest of my earnings? What happens to me because right now I can’t access the app.Please I need an answer.My number is 0244080867

  109. pls wen i open my app it says ur account is refreshing………try again. wat does it means? and add me to the whatsapp group 0241828985

  110. Ive been trying to confirm people since yesterday and the deadline is less then 2hrs from now. pls help me. the number is 0548927688. tnc

  111. My two daughters and I are members. My daughter Pauline Fleischer’s due date for payment after many postponements and settled at 29th January is overdue. Please what is happening? Her number is 0244878614. Please help.

    • Earnit what is happening my maturity was on the 30/01/18 nd still am nt match with anyone yet so what is the problem my number is 0544857952

  112. Please my name is Isaac Eshun I was matched to send money to Aflred kwashie which I have done but still he has not confirmed I have called him but he is not picking now right if I used my number to call him the line is not going through please do something about it because my deadline is today and he has not confirmed me please my number is 0552650010

  113. My maturity date was 28, it was later postponed to 29, 30, and now 31st, jan. But up till now 4th, I have not been matched, what’s happening ????I can access my app, but still no matching for me.

    My number is


  114. Please what is really going on?.. Our maturity dates are due but we haven’t been matched. Can someone come forward and explain something to us? Please add me to the WhatsApp group. 0200219232

  115. I have three 30th and two 4th transactions that are still pending.But on the dashboard it has been stated that all 30th transactions have been cleared.My 30th have not been cleared yet. Please kindly help me receive my payments.Am Mohammed Abdul-Aziz and my number is 0244080867.

  116. Earnit administraters Pls my maturity date was 30th January 2018 but have receive only 100gh on Friday up till now 5th February l have not receive the rest so please check my account for me I beg u in the name of God. My number is 0542887215. Thank you

  117. My deposit was supposed to be mature yesterday that’s 4th February and as at now haven’t been matched but have activated my account too

  118. Pls I need help here; how can pledge more than 100 CEDI’s, I have 700 CRT but my pledge keeps giving me 100cedis. Any help 0559042101

  119. I was matched and I called the person before sending the money to her after I sent it she has fail to confirm me .sent her a message to confirm me but still she hasn’t

    Am Belinda Amakye
    Number: 0542658303

  120. since 2nd of this month till today, i havent been matched to get paid. pls help me because i need the money(0241828985)

    • The system is designed such each EARNIT user has a maximum of 15 pledges in a month. With each pledge you’ll need an amount of Gh¢100 and 200CRTs.
      1. Before you pledge, make sure you have no less than Gh¢100.00 in your mobile money account.
      2. Ensure you have at least 200CRTS, in case you have less than 200crts you can visit the store section on the app and purchase the CRTs.
      3. After ensuring that conditions 1&2 are fulfilled then you proceed to the pledge column on the home interface and make your pledge.
      4. You’ll then be matched with someone to make payment and he/she will confirm receiving the said payment.
      5. When your maturity date is due, someone will also be match to For him/she make payment to you..

  121. *EARNiT ALERT**
    Thank you for your
    patience and Trust

    Quick Alert:

    There are tricksters posing to be admins receiving bribe from innocent people in promise of helping them get matched to receive.

    No Earnit admin can help with matching. The system is paying, pledges are coming in, the Vault is paying, and matching is ongoing.

    Stay calm, stay safe. Changes in our policies is proving to be effective. Everyone will receive accordingly.

    Good morning

    Stay tuned in for more updates.
    valar dohaeris

  122. if I may get clearly then maturity date will no longer be within 10 days but within a month, right? what will happen to people who pledge before February but their maturity date will be due within February

  123. please let’s help and solve this problem once and for all. My maturity date has passed in a couple of days. I jxt got a message on my dashboard for people to send some monies to me to clear me off. But the problem here is that when I called two of them for my payout, all of them is also demanding from me to clear them too. Please administrators let’s help and solve the problem once and for all…… Also on my dashboard there is no confirmation to confirm the person when even it was possible to do so. Please kindly help me out 0248349226

  124. It true too much complain is scaring people to pledge so let all be calm cos if people don’t pledge we all don’t get paid

  125. And mind you it a risk we all took, no need to panic cox everyone will be paid. Earnit is very real and will not die, let all help build the peer to peer community. Unemployment is a sickness

  126. *EARNiT ALERT**
    Thank you for your
    patience and Trust

    EARNiT Morning,
    Moving forward to calm everyone so the system remains healthy to make payouts and clear all earnings, your date will of maturity will reflect the current month you are receiving only without a specific date.

    This does not mean your earnings will come at the end of the month, on the contrary, it will come in way before that time.

    However, the complains coming in for maturity dates overdue after we have explained the current status of the system is overwhelming and actually scaring your own peers from pledging to help YOU receive early.

    Being Patient on EARNiT is practically a self serving quality because, if you fret and complain, you scare others from pledging which prevents you from earning.

    The more you complain, the less others pledge. The less others pledge, the more your maturity days increase.

    If we are implementing the monthly policies, then that should tell us how much the complains have grown.

    Everyone calling the office lines provided for specific issues are complaining about maturity.

    So this is actually a step in the right direction. MATURITY DATES HAVE NOT DISAPPEARED. If your maturity date says FEBRUARY, then you will earn in February. If it was March, then you will earn in March.


    The major complaints we are having is peers claiming they borrowed to pledge and maturity is up.

    In all ramification, that is the poorest and saddest financial mindset we could ever have.


    We smell money and run towards it without first, understanding how the system works.

    So we will say this one more time:
    Peer-to-peer systems is MONEY THAT IS MOVING FROM A PEER TO ANOTHER PEER! Period. Earnit admins do not owe you! Earnit does not owe you! In fact, NO ONE in this community OWES you. Why? Simple, the funds is moving from one peer to another.

    If every peer decides not to pledge, then we must all wait to get our returns even if it will take 3 months.

    If Peers DO NOT pledge, the vault steps in temporarily until pledging resumes in the system. But if a peer REFUSE to pledge, that peer must be REMOVED from EARNiT. Why? Because, if you stop pledging, you are breaking the cycle and affecting your other peers.

    That should educate us all.
    Keep encouraging one another. If everyone on this page start encouraging one another and the new peers to stay calm, relax and keep pledging, you’d be amazed that earning can start flowing in less than 7 days. Yes! Even less than 7days.

    But we ignorantly think complaining about maturity is how to fix the challenge. That is funny in retrospect… It does not fix it. It delays it more.

    So start spreading the word.

    Let the 40,000 new peers who joined us this week but afraid to pledge because of our complains get charged to PLEDGE and you’d be smiling in days.

    Earnit Morning ya’ll.

    Stay tuned in for more updates.
    valar dohaeris

    • Welcome to one of the best p2p system @charles, you’ll surely enjoy your stay with the family.

      #Patience is Golden
      #All men must serve to earn

  127. since on the 3nd of this month till today, i havent been matched to get paid. So please help me get my money this my number 0545222158

  128. *EARNiT ALERT**
    Thank you for your
    patience and Trust

    Quick Alert:
    If you are expecting to receive payment, your account cannot be classified as dormant.

    If you are not expecting payment and you have not pledged within the first ten days of the month, your account will be considered as dormant and marked for deletion.

    We have to do this to make sure you keep earning without deadlines being overdue in the future.

    All men must serve and that includes you and me.

    We wish to thank you all for spreading goodly words about Earnit in various communities… Pledges are coming in and new members are becoming more confident to pledge.

    We will whether this momentary setback gracefully and when we are through, we will celebrate Earnit at 1 year in a stupendous grandest way.

    Enjoy EARNiT

    Stay tuned in for more updates.
    valar dohaeris

  129. I was matched with one girl to send me money, when I called her, she told me that she can’t send money that the sim have been blocked so what should I do help Me earn it. This is my number 0555213523

  130. Hi, I’ve been matched go pay but I keep calling the person but he’s number is off, I need to seen the money before its 2am ,I want to rematch but the system is down, what should I do now?

  131. I’ve pledged but haven’t been match with anyone since yesterday and I had a call from one member saying I’ve been matched with him but nothing shows on my dashboard pls help me out.

    Afenyo Joshua is my name

  132. I was matched to someone but when I called the number as indicated by the details it turned out to be a wrong number. I checked with MTN registration & I realized indeed it was a wrong number which did not match with the details given. What should I do?

  133. I have pledged for the past two weeks and have not earned anything yet please earnit directors help me it is my school fees please

    • Hmmm, why would you use your school fees in the first place? Nonetheless you’ll be matched to receive payment via the system as the matching is not done by admins. Patience is golden.

      A lil advice, be mindful the kind of money you use in and for investment.

    • Ask him or her to contact this number 0572111102 between the hours of 9am to 5pm and it will be resolved for the confirmation

  134. How do we get to the administrator?

    It appears questions regarding access to the administrator is not properly answered so far.

    The system is new so let’s try to build some trust.

  135. please can u please add me to the Watsup group 0244458452 again my maturity day has elapse but i haven’t heard anything yet n now the maturity dates has been removed as well. please tell us something ,we are waiting

  136. I have had patience since yet am not seeing any changes.am a self dependant person l mean I cater or Fend for myself please help me out.as am at now I have been sacked for fees which has denied me of not writing the current mock which ongoing. I have invested all my money what I will eat koraa is a problem.please admins help me out than you

  137. Hello Earnit Support team,

    My name is Angelina Osei Mensah (0245824340) and a user of earnit financial peer to peer application. After making pledges and paying funds to barely 15 people at some period and 5 people at another, I have been asssured to receive payment as at 27th January but for some reason, I only had 6 payments matched and for some reason that was it. There was an update on your system where you were putting in Ghc900k into your vault to make payments but it appears am the only odd one out to have received payment. And since your system was updated, my pledges turned 0/15. I understood patience is golden but I think I really have reasons to worry now. Please help do something about it because am bereft of all hopes. I look forward to having this resolved.



  138. please I pledge, but is more than a week now I’m not receiving my earnings. my maturity date is on 7th of February 2018 but is passed.

  139. Hy,@Christopher Boateng, pls I’m suppose to receive payment this month, but haven’t received a penny, so I’m not able to pledge for this month, because I don’t av any Fund with me to support after doing all 15 pledges last month, Apparently, the new system says u need to pledge within first 10days or ur account is considered dormant,and marked for deletion, so I want to knw if my account will be considered dormant n deleted??? Please because I’m expecting all my 15 payment this month according to the system updates.
    Valar Dohaeris

  140. I pledge first 200 and my maturity date is suppose to be today but it says February with indication any specific day and I intend pledge another 400 and it’s says February 15 but now it’s shows nothing all it shows is February on all transactions….I pledge again and being matched to make payment for I have faith but now I’m confused to make payment because I have not received my earnings …..

    • Please I’m Bright Buju,as my maturity date was due I was supposed to be paid 600gh but I was only paid 300 without the interest.Please do something about it my number is 0557901306

  141. was matched to someone…i paid him and his refusing to confirm me….he doesn’t even pick up when i call him and my deadline is past…so what do I do

  142. my maturity date passed long time, please when am I going to get paid? (0242015360)we need to be paid so that we can pledge again

  143. please am Luke Ibrahim my maturity date was Friday 9th February 2018 and I have not been match to pay my earning can you do something with it number 0247309999

    • if it is a Scam then why have they release money into the system for the vault to make payment, It’s just that the system is slow which they have to do something about it, so just shut up and watch people smiling again. Long live Earn it.

    • so how sure are they that we will receive our earnings this month, I mean those whose maturity is on 1-10 February, now that they are not matching according to date,so that we can Start pledging again, and Earn more, Just a humble question, Thanks

  144. please I heard those who are suppose to earn in February have started earning but still nothing in our account, we were suppose to earn on 1 February, please help, Thanks.


    • Sorry you think we are a scam! If we were we wouldn’t be over 100,000 people by now please check play store, as I am writing thousands are being paid, if someone is not yet paid they would get paid because it’s a long queue which will be cleared soon

  146. Shine your eyes well. don’t you still know this was all a scam? Let this be your last lesson. never trust any form of investment that promises 100% profit. do you realize that you’re only paying each other whiles the earnit team is benefiting from you?

    • Why R U Scaring People Meaning while u v started Receiving ur own.Let remain Calm cos myself I v not received but still hope I will be paid.

    • whether a scam or not anyone that got himself or herself involve knew it was a risk they were taking. so please if you are not interested stop posting here

  147. please I received only 100 CEDI’s from earnit , but the system notified 200cedis. the guy that suppose to send me money did not contact me please help me out.

    And please I like to be add to the WhatsApp group. thanks
    name: Akinsola Israel
    contact: 0541210125.

  148. Please My maturity dates are pass since long time so please check on my account for me, my contact is 0555213523. since January and yet I have received only 100gh please check for Me.

  149. please check and match me please because those that U matched Me with was claiming that they have problems sending the money so I should re_matched and when I did since then till date no matching yet please help Me.

    • It keeps increasing when folks refuse to send monies to other people when it’s due them, to be rematches, it keeps increasing when the system has to be optimize to accommodate impatient people who match and rematch at the slightest provocation, it keeps increasing because of impatience.

  150. Please add me to earnit watsapp group and i need thier refund number or address as well, how shoud i go about the refund request

    • Refund contact 0572111107. Money refunded is only the principal and your account will be blocked afterwards…….Patient is Golden

  151. I was Marched for only one earning but on the dashboard they said past transaction completed is two I don’t understand please do something. thank you

  152. my husband was due on 29th , You changed it to 31 & Now 1st of February but till now no payment, and I’ve been seeing people post which means You’ve started paying February, please I convinced him to do this and now he’s on my neck for his money at least send the capital for now while we wait for the interest to pledge more, Thanks, long live Earn it.

    • I can understand your plight is rather unfortunate that people complain when they are not receiving but after they receive thy don’t come and announce that they have been payed you will have realised that a lot has been payed, always remember that it’s in a queue and it will soon reach your turn but your complaining may stop someone from pledging and that will further delay your receiving your money, in p2p you pay someone so you get paid by another so you will be matched with someone to pay you but the more they are afraid the less they pledge and the more your days of waiting increase, I hope you understand me

      • Mr Christopher I was matched to someone…i paid him and his refusing
        to confirm me….he doesn’t even pick up when i call him
        and my deadline got past for about 4days now…so what do I do

      • That is really true if those who have been paid do write back that they’ve been paid then others wouldn’t be worried much and be asking questions here and there. One thing I know of this p2p is that, it is making the impossible possible. What the world back can’t do this p2p is doing I.e the 100% return.
        Let’s all relax and have merited heart

  153. please was to be matched on 29 of January and now it has disappeared from my dashboard. my crts has also reduced please am worried please do something

  154. i earnit
    we trusted in you that’s why we invested our money in this, even though you don’t owe us, you brought up the idea,app etc and we followed so if there is any problems you are the right people to solve it. we know it is not your wish that all this should happened but it has already happened and the only thing we need now is solution. some of us have been patient and others are furious. The problem here is that day in and out the problem keep on growing and that doesn’t speak well of you. peers Let’s all cooperate as one team so that we will all be smiling soon. #0550238950

  155. how come I was Marched and paid for one of my January pledge and you are saying I have received two earning you guys are making me loss my percent and trust on Earnit. please do something thank you.0549116212

  156. I have pledged and made payment, now to received my payment on the 4th and 5th of February but not yet received mine. pls this is my number 0242290916

  157. I pledged and my refund was due on the 7th February 2018. Till date I hv not received any amount…the number is 055 738 1704 pls check it for me…. thnx

  158. Pls add me to any EarnIT group chat 0274353918
    We need your help to at least refund the principal amount speedly, for am even sad for what is going on in my family and a friend Pastor’s church as well.
    Some of us are praying for earnit to overcome this storms, we’re counting on you.
    God bless you

  159. Pls my maturity date was on the 10th of February but haven’t received my earnings yet but as u say patience is golden am waiting. 0248912157 valar dohaeris

  160. EARNiT INFO

    We want to thank all our cherished earners for hanging on patiently with us within this period we have learnt some lessons that are very valuable to us, in this community.

    1. People don’t read posts all they want is money.

    2. People ignore basic instruction yet want to make a lot of profit.

    3. People are not patient yet want to be rich.

    4. People do not trust a system, yet put their money in it.

    5. People will do everything to satisfy their greed.

    Based on this lessons we have learnt, we have taken measures to increase our effectiveness and become better and this measures are meant to educate you about who we are and what we do. So that everyone from the least to the greatest will know what Earnit is all about. We would be posting a lot of articles on our page to encourage readers to be well informed on our operations thank you.

    Valar Dohaeris

  161. Over the last 72hours the question predominantly asked on all platforms is .

    .eg from 1st, 2nd or 3rd to FEBRUARY!.

    Ans: When you pledged we had from between 1-10 days to match you in order for you to receive payments from other peers so the day of your “maturity” is written for you as 2nd February,
    so you are very sure that you will be matched to receive double of the money you pledged, on the 2nd of February.
    Then by 27th of January people hear false rumours and there was a 1% reduction in pledges this means that only 99% percent will receive on that day, meaning some will be delayed into 11 days.
    ‎ Then people begin to complain and those who wanted to pledge on the 28th panicked so pledging reduced by 5% that will mean that on the 28th, only 85% will receive their matches plus those who couldn’t receive as a result of the delay of the previous days matching.
    ‎And those who were to receive on that day are shifted backwards so that your ten days now become 15 days and that is what we call a “QUEUE ” now we need 105% pledges within a day to cover the period or we have to extend the day to 30 days so that through patience and perseverance more people will pledge.
    ‎ ” in order to reduce, the queue! ”
    The more the pledging percentage increases the more the days reduce and the quicker you receive your money

    That is why we have changed the date to a month, to assure you that your money will definitely come, as more people pledge

    This and many more explanations will keep coming to let you know how we run!!

    Remember “more pledges, shorter days ”

    Valar dohearis

  162. In fact wen I check the days In fact u people are not fear to us in the sense that I pledge on 28th and the maturity date was 8th thus 10day already and from 8th to another 8th is 30days
    My Question Now is where R my already existing 10day and u Add Another 30days.Aaaahhhh Thus 40days
    My People WakeUp.

  163. my maturity date was 14th February and you said is now 30 days but you add 40 days to my maturity date . it suppose to be 7th march but not 16th march . oh Earnit .

  164. my maturity date was 14th February and you said is now 30 days but you add 43 days to my maturity date . it suppose to be 7th march but not 16th march . oh Earnit .

  165. I pledged Ghc 200 on 21st of January and later received Ghc 200 back in almost 3 weeks time, and according to my dashboard under the incoming transaction I could still see some amount of money there(probably my interest) with said month of January which later became February. and to my surprise this morning I realized the amount under the incoming transaction has moved to past transaction without matching me,,,,,,,, meaning I’ve not gotten any interest after pledging the Ghc 200 and remember I bought credit to pledge too. 0249520905 is the number check and correct that mistake for me 😡

  166. Don’t try to be an illiterate read instructions and stop. Complaining.let’s all have patience cause I know for sure we will all be paid

  167. I Want us to discuss these Issues
    1. Are The Days really 40days or 30days?
    2.If I Pledge to day is my days going to be 40days or 30days?
    3.What Is The Way Forward?

  168. I Want us to discuss these Issues
    1. Are The Days really 40days or 30days?
    2.If I Pledge to day is my days going to be 40days or 30days?
    3.What Is The Way Forward?

    • master thank God for that. I pledged 400 cedis within and even before that date but I have received nothing in the past 1 month so keep quiet and wait patiently.

  169. I have pleadge 200gh and I have only received 100gh instead of 400gh please do something about that please my number is 0555213523

  170. Is earnit still not opening its portal to receive new members??
    I wanna join but it keeps on telling me no new members now…what’s possibly wrong with the system. Someone please help me out…