Earnit – What is Partial Purge, Learn how it works

Earnit – What is Partial Purge, Learn how it works

To explain this well I will adopt a Numerical method

“The numerical meaning of a partial purge” !!

When you buy 20ghc worth of CRTS to pledge 100ghc you are given 200crts

Which means that EARNiT OWES YOU only 20ghc, that is what you paid for your transaction!

During a PARTIAL purge, EARNiT gives you BACK Your PRINCIPAL .

This means You gave EARNiT 20ghc in order to pledge and now EARNiT is giving you 100ghc which was the money you could have lost as a result of people not pledging.

So based on your 20 ghc you are receiving your capital which is 100ghc plus the CRTs you bought are restored to you.

That is called a “partial purge” to restore your principal without giving you any additional money.

A FULL PURGE is when we give you not only your principal but we also add your profit to it, from the vault.

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Using the very amount you use to purchase our CRTs to totally remunerate you including all your profit.

This is too good to be true, because no financial institution, will take a charge from you and use that charges to ensure you get back your capital. yet that is what we do during a partial and a Full purge.
That is why we are not a financial institution but a community that ensures we help each other through peer to peer donations in order to support each other financially! Understanding this truth makes you know what we really stand for in serving each other in this great community.

Valar dohearis !!!

Earnit is currently refunding money to participants who they termed “Impatient”. This is the first of its kind in a peer to peer donation platform.

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