Exxo Oils Review – Login, Register, How it works, About, Contact

Exxo Oils Review – Login, Register, How it works, About, Contact

Exxo Oils is more like an MLM niche website or platform. The domain exxo-oils.com was registered on the 10th day of December, 2017. The domain was actually privately registered as there is no known owner or admin of the website.

According to Exxo-oils.com, “Exxo Oils is a business corporate body, in the energy sector that offers a profitable opportunity by creating long-time links between buyers and sellers in the crude oil market.”


There are THREE major role players in our company:

Oilers – Public who buys minimum of R30 000 worth of used oil.
Sellers – Public who buys used oil from R5 per liter to R29999
Buyers – Companies who buys refined oils and pays massive profits to the Oilers and Sellers

Our main goal is enable every citizen above 18 to benefit from Oil Industry in the modern and non-stressing way possible.

Oilers buy our used oil at R5 per Liter, Minimum of 40 liters = R200. They can buy direct from us, they make 2%daily of their purchased oil, and are able to sell they oil after 60 days.

We also allow Oil Trading within the platform, for Oilers to sell their Refined Oil to each other at 1,5% daily. It takes about 20 days for the used oils to be refined and send to the Buyers for profit.

Once the public buys oil from us, they make 2% profits after 24 hours.

Credit tokens are paid to their bank account after 60 days. If they don’t withdraw for 60 days their credit tokens stop growing until they withdraw.

Oilers gets a welcome bonus of 10% once off, based on their 1st deposit, starting from R1000 going up, but they will have to wait for 30 days before they can make withdrawal, if they withdraw in less than 30 days the bonus will be cancelled.

Bonuses are frozen for 30 days & they don’t accumulate growth.

If you buy a barrel of oil you earn complimentary liters, a barrel its 2000 liters 5 x 2000 = 10 000. You get 5%, which its R500 added to your funds on the system, its frozen for 30 days and its stop growing.

A Seller is someone who buys with small amounts An Oiler it’s someone who buys oil from R30 000 going up.

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Two ways of becoming an Oiler

When buying for R30 000
When referring 50 direct active people trough your link

Benefits of becoming an Oiler, You get a Multi Level Structure

Level 1, Earns 10% of their purchases
Level 2, Earns 4% of their purchases
Level 3, Earns 2.5% of their purchases

All buyers earns 10% once off,
This 10% is what the person on their direct line has bought with.
They can buy using Dollar, Rand & Bitcoin

You can contact Exxo Oils by clicking the link below


There are no complaints yet about this platform. Use the comment section to share your experience with this platform.

Remember to contact us via Testboo.com@gmail.com to report anything.


  1. Hi I’m Diamond I joined exxo oil with the minimum of 1500 and till now didn’t get nothing, I want to know what is going on

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