Fortune-destiny review – stokvel, login, register, contact, scam, legit, plans

Fortune-destiny review

Fortune-destiny review – stokvel, login, register, contact, scam, legit, plans

Fortune-destiny review. is a peer to peer donation platform largely known as a stokvel by South Africans. Stokvels make up a better percentage of South African economy.

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The website “” was registered on the 18th day of May, 2018. The major visitors are from South Africa. The website was privately registered as there is no known registrar of this website.


Explaining the platform the admins of fortune destiny wrote:

“We are a peer to peer donation exchange committed in making your dreams come true, our web application have all the bells and whistles required by you to enjoy the game while making a lot of cash in a short space of time, get registered now and have your life changed for good and for the better.

While it is our obligation to make sure the system is delivering according to the paramount standard, it is also your responsibility to make sure the Fortune destiny community is vigorous and comprehensive by making sure you follow all the FD rules.”

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See the plans below:

  • You can simply donate to your peer and wait only for 15 days to get your capital + 40% interest.
  • You can donate to your peer and wait for 30 days to get your capital + 60% interest.
  • You can donate to your peer and wait only 45 days to get a massive lump sum of your capital + 80% interest.
  • You can donate to your peer and wait only 60 days to get a massive lump sum of your capital + 100% interest.

You can contact Fortune destiny using the details below:

  • Address: 115 W 42nd,New York,NY 10036 US
  • Phone: +1-202-555-0188
  • Email:

Stay tuned as we are digging deep to decipher the intent of this fortune – destiny platform via our Fortune Destiny Review.


  1. So far Fortune Destiny is doing well ,thanks to the person who came up with this idea it has changed my life and those of other people

    • How long did you have to wait for your withdrawal? It is almost a week that my downline has been waiting to be allocated someone to deposit her cash. She did pay her 20% but everything is quiet since then. We are starting to panicky that this another scam.
      My grand-father up line is not helpful. My questions made him to remove me from the group because he did not have answer

  2. My name is Sibusiso , yes I love fortune destiny , it’s look good to me my my time is come now to my life change, I pray for fortune to grow up more and more we happy for you to come

  3. I found yesterday about FD the person was so extremely interested ànd streaming in PRETORIA I ask what is because she was on the phone,she tells and thank you her,now my life is going to change,thank God for walking me in that street something good and greatly was calling me..FD.

  4. I loved Fortune Destiny nd joined but now when it comes for me to get paid back the 72hrs has passed and noone has been allocated to me am so disappointed and all the money for my kids gone am just praying for a miracle now

  5. Whats happenning with fortune destiny as its not paying i withraw and still nothing yet its been 8days now yet they say it pays within 72hrs i guess they scammed me

  6. I feel so much down Priscilla didn’t get her money.ooh my God can that happen scamming people are involved.. I don’t like the things massed up by people..

  7. same thing happened to me I only got one allocation and still waitng for the rest can someone plz tell us what is happening with the payouts

    • At least you got something some of us nothing and today its my 9th day still nothing yje support said we must pay 20% of the amount we wanna withdraw hhaike

  8. I really hoped for the best but haven’t got any allocation I think we have lost our money.I won’t lie really trusted Fortune destiny am very disappointed

  9. Am lost of words right now someone said i must pay 20% of tne money i wantd to withdraw to get allovated like really i dont have money why cant they alloct me 1st even a little amount as a first time withraw then i wil payback that money inorder to unlock the whole amount..someone is gona die i wont let my money vanisb like that the guy i joined under he is even ignoring my calls texts he thinks he is clever and am pretty sure he is onenof admin people umhlaba uyamnukela!! My kids a starving and he is busy collecting money from the poor

    • please don;t talk like that I’m sure he don’t what he do ,is not is a system and as we starting the new year things will back to normal you;get your money

  10. Hi I did reinvented my 20%of my withdrawal on Saturday morning but till today I did not receive allocated people whose going to pay me. Plz assist urgently

  11. I Peter did reinvented my 20% of withdrawal but still waiting for you to allocate people who are going to payment me . Plz help urgently

  12. Is being weeks waiting for my money now they told me have to pay 2000 ,before they alocate I did that still nothing I went and take my last cent I this

  13. Come on people we have been scammed we jst have to accept it and move on.I told support I won’t pay 20% of my withdrawal because it doesn’t make sense to pay money inorder to be allocated.My suggestion is that we don’t have to pay anything these people are toying with us….

  14. They should allocate us first,where are we supposed to get money to pay for being allocated.That’s the most stupid thing I have ever had they are heartless crooks

  15. Those who dont want to recomit they are hit &runners and they are heartless becos we are paying each other they who pay us they want to drain the system please guys recomit im not registerd yet but when i hea hear about this strategy im attracted because i know recomitment keep system last longer

  16. I m mosakhanya my username, i have been waiting for my gh or to be allocated since the 24th, my pending hour has been at 68.5hrs for more than 10days, support is not responding…..can somebody help???

  17. People are getting their money even I’m still waiting and I know I will get none. Just recomit the 20% and wait patiently this is peer to peer payment the system does not keep money. FD rocks.

  18. I’ve been trying to log in but it keeps loading been doing so from yesterday afternoon till now. If it’s a scam they’ve costed us. OH IMALI YABANTWANA BAM

  19. Team leaders would you pls assist,i need my money.How long must i wait to get my money.When you send email to the Admin you get no reply why?My other investment has Matured and i can’t withdraw before the other one is paid why can’t you allocate people to pay me?What a shame on you Team Leader.Wake up and Help your own Sisters and Brothers.

  20. Hello good people, to those who said they’ve got their money after waiting paying 20% I want to know how long did you wait after paying the 20%?

  21. I have withdrawn on 24/11/2018; recommited but till today no allocation have been made; everytime when I asked they said that I will be allocated.

  22. Guys i withdraw on the 19th and waited til the clock reaches 68hrs which was the on the 22nd i then PH 20% the following day the 24th was allocated join the telegram group peple are getting paid

  23. Withdraw on the 4th of December 3300 gh for 640… nothing happened then I thought maybe If I gh again it will speed process I gh for 300 again ..which is matured already. What to do from here.

  24. The system is slow due to people not recruiting and no recommitment of 20%. This can work and is working if we all understand its a stokvel. So if everyone is too afraid to assist then surely FD wom’t work

  25. Good day
    I’ve been blocked,I want to unblock my account I want to recover my investment. I invested in Nov 2018
    Please help

    Thank you

  26. Good day.i want you to unblock my account so that I can reinvest again.I invested with R5000 last year Nov2018. Please help.

    Thank you

  27. I’ve been waiting since November still nothing,even support stopped responding to me thou I told them to refund my money without any interest

  28. I paid 30% recommit, that 30% made profit FD wants me to pay 30% again without receiving my first withdrawal allocations how these possible

  29. Now the site is gone, its not there anymore. Wow without even getting my money , these people are scams!! And the admin email address it doesn’t work

  30. i cant log to my account since 15 may 2019 till now .what is happening with this fortune destiny.because i am waiting for my payment.i have made withdrawal since 28 march 2019.payment of R4000.i recommitt twice R1200 X2.may you please to find this scamm

  31. The site no longer works , obviously they’ve scammed a lot of people and such a shame that even their email address is invalid. We must just aceept that they gone

  32. Hi admin since last month i cant log in to fortune destine.i want to know what is the problem.and also my 60 days was completed on 27 of may 2019

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