“Google Email Account Access Suspension” Phishing, Scam

“Google Email Account Access Suspension” Phishing, Scam

If you have received email messages claiming that your email account will be suspended because of spam, please do not respond to them.

These emails are being sent by scammers. Do not click on links to sign into your Google email account, always go directly to www.gmail.com to sign-in.

The emails come thus:

“From: Security Alert <6ua34d046o42@j1v2m4q628f0wip.edu.se>

Date: Tue, May 8, 2018 at 8:23 PM

Subject: Someone Has Your Password

This message is from a trusted sender.


Hi ,

Your Email Account has sent out spam emails to a list addresses that you don’t recongnize,!!!

You’re getting this Email to make sure it was not you.

It’s required that you reply within the next 24 hours,

We will suspend access to your account

If we don’t recieve your reply within the given time frame,

We would appreciate your immediate attention to this matter”

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People who have already fallen for this are asked to change their passwords.

Remember to contact us Via Testboo.com@gmail.com for reports, questions and answers.

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