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  1. Crypto is the future, iCenter isn’t going anywhere.
    Anyone that knows anything about cloud mining can understand how a 1.4 Percent daily return isn’t impossible. Do you know how expensive it is to run a mining operation? The important factor here is to understand that someone could spend 3,000$ on 6 Nvidia 1080 TI graphics cards,mining motherboard, RAM ,1600 watt power supply, riser cables, processor and manage their own 24 hour mining operation… or they give that 3,000 to iCenter.
    So, that 3,000$ is now around 37 litecoins. You will make 1.4 percent of 37 litecoins per day (0.51 LTC). Keep in mind, you can choose to re-invest or withdraw after accumulating a minimum of 0.1LTC. After the iCenter 99 days, you can withdraw or reinvest.
    The bottom line is, the way they can produce returns daily is because, after the 99 days, some people reinvest, and some people take their money out…but who still has the mining equipment? that’s right…iCenter does…so they can continue to mine from the scared skeptical people, thus being able to do bonuses all the time like the 48 hour 3 Percent marathon they recently had. Why keep yours in Coinbase when it could be increasing 1.4 Percent?

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