Ideal plus Review –, Login, Register, Scam or Legit, News

Ideal plus Review –, Login, Register, Scam or Legit, News

Ideal Plus or Idealplusgh is a peer to peer donation platform. The websites traffic majorly comes from Ghana. The domain was registered by Hayford Okrah on the 10th day of December, 2017. A look at Hayford’s profile unveiled him as a service personnel at ministry of foreign affairs Ghana.


However we are still digging deep to get his profile and whereabouts in our hands. His contact details is provided as Bantama, Kumasi, Ashanti, 00233, GH. Email – [email protected]

According to Ideal Plus’ website, “Ideal Plus was an ideology of a group of Ghanaian community supporters. The community has helped changed thousands of lives including a recent program launched where its branded apparels are donated in cash to needy children. The donation funding concepts is a well-researched development to ensure sustainability, trust and equal opportunity for everyone. We have a strict recycling policy to ensure that our members nationwide are well served.”

They explained further thus: “You Can Donate Any Amount Between Ghc100.00 To Ghc500.00 To Help Fund A Member’s Project. Receive Growth Within A Specific Period And Get Your Project Also Funded With Additional Profit Of 100%. Donate Only In Multiples Of 100. Your Subsequent Donations Should Not Be Below The Previous.”

The only accepted currency is Cedi. You can access, register or login to the website by clicking the link below


Participants get 100% ROI in 7 days. Growth begins from the moment a participant is confirmed after making a pledge to Provide Help. They also get 5% referral bonus on each member that joins through their invite link.

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There is no information provided as to the admins behind this website. Peer to peer schemes wind up once there are no longer new members because the admins use the money generated by new affilates to pay old affiliates. That is how a Ponzi works.

Ideal Plus is on so far so good rating for now as we are yet to get complaints regarding this website.

NB – Some complaints are popping up about this platform now … Stay tuned to get the latest.

  1. Is idealplus for real or fake?because the way they are dealing with me not fair at all.have been asked to make payment twice without receiving anything from anyone whyyyy?and I recieve no answer even if I asked questions.

  2. please let me know what is going on because I have waited for my money for soo long why are you doing this. my dashboard is ready since last week Wednesday up till now I have not receive anything. please do something

  3. Ideal plus you’re doing the best try and continue serving your customers, because we are worried about delay payment. Thanks

  4. You are having the best policy among the p2p in the market yet you are not taking advantage of it. keeping people on hold when they are due to receive money will do you no good, if you don’t know ask others who are out of the system now.

  5. My maturity date was yesterday 28 feb 2018 I’ve recomitted but have not been matched to make payment neither has my GH been paid to me please why

    1. everyone seems to complain about ideal plus which started marvelously well, now when we recommit we are matched to pay ‘some people’ but we these ‘some people are not matched to pay us. so my question is who receives the recommitment?

      please admnistrators of this software kindly tell us exactly what the problem is. this is money matter

  6. please my own matured since 27th February and recommitted, but I have not been match to receive payment. pls I need our help

  7. Please I recommit my account n u gave me 2 people to mk payment n I paid them immediately n one of them name Robert Kofi Amoako is unable to confirm me n u suspended my account since 27/02/2018 till 2day please is any way 2 solve me out pls

  8. Ideal plus this is my first time of joining,l made payment to people l was directed to pay but my maturity day came and was asked to recommit and I did but as of now l have not been match.what is going on.we need answers.

  9. Hmmmm is their any manager in this group aaaah. I am a new person in ideal plus after the registration I was asked to make a payment of 94ghc to janet Ackah and also I payment of 6ghc to Frank Bryan abekah after the payment for the person I can’t log in to my account again. I am always told that my user name and password is invalid. By that was the same thing I used.pls help me out coz I haven’t got any benefit.

    1. Please am a new member on Idealplus. My maturity date was on Friday 2nd I recommitted and was matched to someone that I can pay to I did and the person confirmed me yet still I have not receive anything. My Gh balance is still showing please help me get my money back. I have tried calling all the contacts of the administrators but no answer now when I call the lines are off

  10. Please my GH is ready since 28th February till now know payment, please I need serious help User name is aseidu

  11. I have been ask to make payment abt three times without receiving any money and i could see is they have suspended my account because i have not done the third one idealplus yyyyyy?

  12. Pls can u drop contact numbers of any of the administrators???? I was due for payment last week n asked to recommit n I did but didn’t receive help..the send also matured n I recommitted n paid.. Now u asking that I donate help again for sustainability whilst I haven’t received the 500 cedis help.. So which money will I use again in donating help..

  13. Ghanaian mentality, always killing a brother to survive, we are naturally born bad and I don’t know if there is any conscience at all, a white man will never behave this way. Great idea but the brain behind it is questionable. Why do you start what you can’t finish. Idealplus is something else. You fucking can’t do this shit in America. Bullshit.

  14. why some of us invest twice and paid our commitment and up now we still haven receive or merge for on ideal plus.why so?

  15. Pls admin the guy who was supposed to pay me didn’t since March 11 Bt still I haven’t been rematch since then

  16. Pls i have provided help since 28th Febuary, But i have not been match to receive payment. And now it is getting to March ending, Why? The name is Mansah Sogbo, So pls kindly help me.

  17. Guy to me I think it’s a strategy they used to fraud us. In the beginning they will win your trust then fraud you at the end. In my case I have not even received anything after twice committing myself. God will punish you guys if you don’t do the right thing.

  18. Hello Guys, what’s happening?.My username is justicianyarko I’ve paid my recommitment fees 3times and I haven’t been paired to anyone why. My maturity date was 14/3/18, Ready for cash is gch 200, GH balance is gch 400 and GH num is 3. I’ve not heard anything from you guys. All I need is my money pls admin If you don’t want anything to happen to you. Pls and pls again I’m just giving you 3 days thank you.

  19. I can’t understand why ideal plus is doing this with all the strong policy our monies are gone just like that hummmmm

  20. Pls my name is Quayson I have been waiting for my money. This platform has ended me losing my working money this is not fare. Since March, now my dashboard don’t even display. Pls I think the owner of this community should find something reasonable to do about it because this is inhumanity art.

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