Justin Sun Hints at Collaboration With Ethereum This Year

Justin Sun Hints at Collaboration With Ethereum This Year

Justin Sun Collaboration With Ethereum

Justin Sun, Tron (TRX) founder and CEO said he thinks the Tron ecosystem will “officially collaborate” with Ethereum (ETH) this year. This happened during an interview on The Crypto Chick podcast on April 6th.


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Sun said that he thinks “even within this year we will see Tron even collaborate, officially collaborate, with Ethereum.” In response to a question on Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin’s recent tweets about Tron, Sun stated that he thinks “competition brings a better product.”

“I think in the future we will even collaborate with lots of Ethereum developers and also the enterprises built on Ethereum before to make the industry better.” Sun said.

He also announced that a second layer scalability solution for Tron, which he claims will increase transaction throughput at least 100 times and dramatically decrease fees, will be deployed in Q2 2019.

During the podcast, Sun also noted that the Tron-based version of stablecoin Tether (USDT) is set to launch on April 9th. Sun argued that the Tron-based version of the stalwart stablecoin will permit cheaper and faster transactions than the Bitcoin (BTC)-based Omni protocol USDT.

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