Kipi stokvel Review – Login, Complaints, Table, News, How it works, Profile

Kipi stokvel Review – Login, Complaints, Table, News, How it works, Profile

The Kipi platform operates as a peer to peer payment or donation system. Its domain was registered on the 5th day of September, 2015. Most of it’s website traffic flows from South Africa.

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There is no information on who owns or runs the website or stokvel. Most of its admins if not all remain largely anonymous.


According to KipiCommunity, “KIPI, also known as MyDeposit247 or MyDeposit241, is a pyramid scheme which was started in Russia in 1995. According to many sources, the pyramid scheme then spread around the world to over 80 countries, including Canada and Europe. However, there is no evidence to support this claim.

KIPI MyDeposit247 claims that it is a Financial Social Platform that uses the power of networking to assist anybody to reach their financial goals in life.

Anyone can become a member of KIPI and add a goal. According to the pyramid scheme promotional video, members of KIPI are believers and achievers, and that is why they support the network.

The Kipi Mydeposit247 pyramid scheme was introduced in South Africa in May 2013. KIPI has since improved the financial lives of many poor and middle class people in South Africa. The problem is that the financial lives of these many people were improved at the expense of an even bigger number of poor and average South Africans. The main reason being that the scheme collapsed in January 2016. Of course, many members are still in denial about the fact that their so called ‘Stokvel’ is no more. Nevertheless, the website is still functional and a few people are still joining the pyramid scheme.

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To get started with Kipi, you have to invest a minimum amount of R 200, which will increase to R 4000 after 16 months when your dream matures. The maximum you can donate is R 120 000, which will increase to R2 400 000 when you withdraw it after 16 months. The Kipi Investment Table below shows the money Kipi participant could expect to make during the hey days of the Kipi Mydeposit241 pyramid scheme.”

We are yet to get complaints about this Kipi stokvel. You are however advised to invest with caution.

Kipi is operating largely in South Africa and its environs. There are no complaints yet with regards to this platform. Stay tuned …

Kipi is yet to yield to any negative comments … invest and participate with caution. Stokvels generally helps you save money and gives you capital to invest in businesses.

Stokvels are very important part of South African economy.

Remember to contact us via to report any thing and also enquire about anything.

KIPI stokvel is trusted by many people in South Africa.


  1. A group of agents from Kipi Stokvel , they formed other invest through bitcoin by the name of cointree. In December 2017, this investment also disappeared. Mind you it was run by those shacks from Kipi Stokvel. I invested R150 000 to buy those bitcoins. Unfortunately they vanished with my investment. Satan is using them to rob us or to make us bankrupt.

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