Konstantin Ignatov wants to be out of prison, requests on pre-trial

Konstantin Ignatov wants to be out of prison

Details of OneCoin defendant Konstantin Ignatov and the June 6th preliminary hearing appear to be hidden. However it is known that Ignatov’s potential bail was discussed, as revealed in a motion letter filed on June 18th.

Ignatov needs to convince the court that he won’t flee the US if granted bail.

Through his lawyer Konstantin Ignatov, a Bulgarian holding a German passport, claims “he willingly came to this country knowing that an investigation into OneCoin was in progress.”

Additional securities offered to ensure Konstantin Ignatov doesn’t flee include:

  • 24/7 armed security guards;
  • GPS location monitoring;
  • $10 million in cash and properties to secure a $20 million personal recognizance bond;
  • no internet use;
  • no contact between Ignatov, OneCoin employees, victims or witnesses;
  • surrendering of Ignatov’s German passport;
  • no cell phone use; and
  • consent for the government to tap his home phone usage.

Konstantin Ignatov would pay for 24 hour armed guards at an apartment to be leased in this district and shared with his pregnant girlfriend, Kristina, who is also an attorney. This is to make sure he does flee the US.

The security agency would be chosen with the agreement of the government.

These guards would be authorized to use force against him should he attempt to leave the premises without permission and only reauthorized individuals would be permitted inside the residence.

Mr. Ignatov would agree not to use cellphones, and he would not use a computer for any purpose other than the review of discovery and note taking.

Additionally, his location would be monitored via the GPS bracelet, and he would permit the government to search his residence at any time to ensure compliance with the conditions of his release.

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