Property Stokvel Investment Club – Everything you need to Know

Property Stokvel Investment Club

According to the platform,

“Property Stokvel Investment Club is founded on democratically aligned objectives & Principles that are mandated to assist members in creating wealth through investments in property and franchises. The Stokvel is founded by Nicolas Manyike and is administrated by Prospect Asset Management (PTY) LTD who formed, a structure out of the club members, who shall assist to the decision making of the club.

Nicolas says most stokvels are created to buy groceries, especially for the festive season and these Stokvels in South Africa is estimated to be worth R49 – R50 billion a year which goes to the supermarket and retail. As our people are not liberated financial the struggle continues.

“There’s no freedom without financial freedom, ownership of land and properties majority of black communities are still suffering the effects of apartheid”, says Nicolas.

Manyike says stokvels have been around for decades and most of them are sustainable. He believes the same method could be used to purchase properties, land and franchises.

Property is one of the largest asset classes in the world, investing in it may be the best way to take advantage of what is widely considered to be one of the most reliable and profitable investment vehicles. Property is known to appreciate in value over time,” he says.

The Property Stokvel Investment Club is guided by its constitution, laws, regulations and policies. The constitution covers the framework within the Property Stokvel Investment Club on how it shall operate; with the Administrator seeing the day to day operations of the Stokvel Club. The Property Stokvel Investment Club laws, policies and constitution shall be reviewed and changes will be made in consultation with members.”

On Why it chose property, the platform explained: “Property produces good medium to high returns with low risk unlike shares and the Stock market where you place all of your capital at risk. If something sounds too good to be true – it usually is and you could risk all of your capital, unlike our model that provides real, safe returns.

Revealing their vision, the platform wrote: “Our vision is to empower people who are serious about creating wealth, investing for the long term and who value wise investment guidance to create this wealth and in doing so, create a future for all our members and the next generation.

We strive to benefit our members with opportunities, not only by creating wealth through Property & franchise but also the opportunity to own their own homes”

So far we are yet to get any case of fraudulent activities with regards to this platform which is Property Stokvel Investment Club. Stay tuned as we will report any negative and positive news that will flow in about this platform.

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