Tshwaranang Community Stokvel – Scam or Legit?

Tshwaranang Community Stokvel

Tshwaranang Community Stokvel – Scam or Legit?

Tshwaranang Community Stokvel

Is Tshwaranang Community Stokvel legit? Find out soon. Many people in South Africa believe in Stokvels. Stokvel in South Africa is “a savings or investment society to which members regularly contribute an agreed amount and from which they receive a lump sum payment.”

The scheme describing where they operate from wrote: “Our main office is at number 26 Warden Street, Harrismith (next to the Methodist Church). However, our projects are mostly outside of Harrismith, in the townships and villages.”

According to Tshwaranang.org “We are a South African charity, aiming to hold hands with the community, improving lives in the process.

You can find out more about us, and the projects we are involved with using the menu above.

You can donate financially, if you wish to help us in our work, or offer your time if you feel you have something to give.

Find out some of the organisations behind us, and other causes we support in our links section.”

“There is a word in Sotho, one of the native languages of South Africa. That word is Tshwaranang. Literally translated, it means “joining hands”, but it can mean much more than that. Unity can be the foundation from which the world is lifted up, for people of every race and tribe to join together, building up communities of strength, love and hope. If, through us, a man learns to help himself, then he can help others. A virtuous circle, if you will.

Tshwaranang is a charity based in the Free State, in South Africa. We operate from a town called Harrismith, working in the surrounding area, especially within the nearest townships; Intabazwe, Tshiame and Mokgolokoeng.

Compared with many other regions within Africa, our town is relatively affluent, yet there are still many people living in appalling conditions, and families struggling within the worst poverty possible. HIV and AIDS is a devastating force within our community, with some estimates putting the infection level at 20% in the most badly hit areas.

Through projects of our own initiative, and also through channelling resources for others, we aim to transform our local community. Some of our finance comes from the Department of Social Development, some from other charities, and some from private donations.

Tshwaranang is pronounced swa-as in ‘I swam’-ra-as in ‘rang’-nang-‘rang with an n’.
To learn more about our company and our history, please download our Company”

NOW, the fact is this … Tshwaranang Community Stockvel is not authorised in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS Act) to render financial advice and intermediary services.

This having been said coupled with the many cases of people who are due to get their ROI (Return of Investments) from Tshwaranang Community Stokvel whom the so called stokvel have not paid, we advice you stay clear from this stokvel for now. Only invest in stokvels conducted by well known financial institutions to avoid getting scammed.

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