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Many people are confused about the fate of this site!! Will it come back online ..?? Will it never come back ..?? Is it a scam website or is it legit ..?? said their system is currently under maintenance. The service according to them will come back next month with new features. Updates on this will be made according to them …


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Read the Truth according to their Facebook page below:

“The Truth:

To all mlc members.our system is currently under maintenance as we all know we were hacked by everything is being sorted and starting from next month we will use a new form of payments which is CRYPTO CURRENCIES can you all kindly join this link updates will be made as from today later on about mlc there is nothing to stress about please help us bring back mlc and share this with everyone who has TELEGRAM help us build mlc stronger happy New Year…”

It has always been advised to indulge in peer to peer donation system with your spare money … 

A new website closely resembling the old one which is now offline just emerged and it goes by the name We are still closely watching this website to determine it’s purpose …

Many South Africans and Namibians are currently in sorrow over their trapped money and dreams. However, many more are of the view that Mylifechange247 will come back this month or by March. They opined that the site went offline to reinforce and serve its members better.

The so called new website, is still not loading. Millions of South Africans and Namibians will loose a lot of money is this scheme fails to come back. Stay tuned to get the latest update on this once it comes back …

On the latest update, the social media is buzzing with speculations that Mylifechange247 is coming back! Stay tuned to get to know first once it happens …

Don’t forget you can always use the Live Chat Box herein to chat with real people who are experiencing the same thing like you or use the comment box to testify about the good, bad and ugly pertaining this platform.

Give us any information about the admins of Mylifechange247 via the comment section for investigations

This scheme will reportedly come back by next month according to some outlets. Stay tuned to get the updates. Mylifechange247 has left many homes broken in South Africa.

NB – Please remember to use the Live chat box or comment section to give us any information you think is detrimental to the scheme’s participants even upon resumption.

Mylifechange247 is back reportedly and some people accessed their accounts but were unable to pay out. Stay tuned …

Remember to report all issues to us via [email protected]

A new website just popped up not long ago claiming it is the new website of Mylifechange247. Stay tuned as we decipher how true this is …


  1. So for those that have pending dreams, does this mean they are cancelled when this site comes back online with its updates or what happens to those dreams? And those matured dreams that were not paid yet what happens there?

  2. When my MLC presenter introduced this scheme i was trust it very much and put my dream to it now I’m so disappointed and depressed eih i don’t what to do and it

    ‘s difficult to talk about it in my surroundings

  3. my dream was spouse to mature on 31 -01 2018… now i want to know if i still get my dream as it or how ? why the web sate change?

  4. I too my dream was matured on December until now nothing came up I’m still waiting for another one to mature this month and I don’t know that I’m gonna get it this thing is a stressful if you put your trust in people who said the want to break poverty but they play us

  5. Yhoo i took my lastmonth in november and i’m expecting to get on december but nothing so pls guys tell us the truth about mlc because i am unemployed

  6. I have lot of money invested in MLC…. last year my wife advised that we should invest our 30 thousand which was for our unborn baby twins
    The 30 thousands was on fixed term investment in Nedbank just because we have so much Faith in MLC we ended up investing it all
    Then we invested 1.500 invested 1 thousand and she did 500 for a period of six months
    Then we invest 5 thousand for 2 months which was supposed to be maturing on the 25th of November last year when the system was being upgraded but what doesn’t add up to me as this point what kind of a system would be upgraded for 4 months how come?
    But i have Faith that our money will come back soon as the system it’s back online

  7. Can you please give us atlist around the day the system will start operating we’re tired waitiwaiting I have 2dreams which matured in December and January. You promise us it will take 21days but now almost 4month.

  8. This is really frustrating for the system to keep changing but no effect on payments i have matured dreams for december ;till today nothing is addingg on….my goodness what a dissappointment

  9. I have a dream that should dream in february and it extended to 07 march that was my last money for my bussiness now I struggle

  10. I’m very disappointed but I’m still waiting for my dreams that are matured I am still having that little hope of one day my money will be back

  11. We have downlines who we promised their dreams will come true, when exactly is the system gonna come back…please the suspense is killing us, everyday is promises promises, pls MLC bring us concrete good news already.

  12. I realized that they have also terminated/deleted their frequently used facebook account I previously used to contact them. What does that mean ? I guess they buried themselves, broke the contact so that they can’t hear anyone weeping. Well, that’s totally awful. I hate lying bastards, ” We are coming back soon please hold on, We understand your situation and we’re working tirelessly to bring the system back online” What a bastard 🙂 ! My guess; they are gone

  13. My dream it ws mature on the 16 December ather one ws on 9 February ather one is 22 February . Since I started I did not get any thing now I’m really disappointed me wht can I do plz ???

  14. Let hope that MLC will come back I can’t even explain pain but I trust God everything ‘s gonna be alright

  15. They will not come back guys! there is something you need to know. when this schemes create a site, it crashes after 12 months, and there is no way they will revive the site knowing that they owe people so much monies. a question is which scheme has lasted up to 2 years?

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