login, register, sign up & Shutdown in Namibia login, register, sign up & Shutdown in Namibia whose main site is said their system is currently under maintenance. The service according to them will come back next month with new features. Updates on this will be made according to them …


Read the Truth according to their Facebook page below:

“The Truth:

To all mlc members.our system is currently under maintenance as we all know we were hacked by everything is being sorted and starting from next month we will use a new form of payments which is CRYPTO CURRENCIES can you all kindly join this link updates will be made as from today later on about mlc there is nothing to stress about please help us bring back mlc and share this with everyone who has TELEGRAM help us build mlc stronger happy New Year…” is a Ponzi scheme. A peer to peer donation system . If you want to login to or click HERE

It has always been advised to use your spare money for Ponzi Schemes or Peer to Peer donation schemes.

Research has also shown that many South Africans have dreams which have either matured or are yet to mature … promises to come back after their upgrade.

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