New Policy For New Members Wanting To Join Earnit – How it works

New Policy For New Members Wanting To Join Earnit – How it works

When you become a member,

==> You are given free 200 credit to pledge GHC100.

==> You are matched to another member

==> You send your pledge of GHC 100 to matched member into his mobile money wallet. Please call the matched person to confirm wallet number and name. Ask the person to confirm your transaction on the earnit platform.

==> Within 7 days another member is matched to you so you are given your 100% bonus and pledge. For example, if you pledge GHC 100, you receive GHC 200 in return.

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==> If you want to pledge again you must purchase another GHC 100 into merchant account and it will be deposited into your earnit platform.

==> The merchant will send the donation report to you for the person to get matched to you, and you will receive your payment when your day is due.

NB – You are advised to participate in all Peer to peer networks with your spare money.


  1. Please, I was first supposed to be matched to receive payment on the 1st of February then I was shifted to the 3rd of February to be matched and receive payment. I’ve been waiting patiently to be matched to that I can receive my payment but till today I’ve not been matched.
    Please, when I’m I going to be matched?

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