OxyMonster Bags 20-Year Prison Term, Forfeits $700,000 In Crypto


OxyMonster Bags 20-Year Prison Term, Forfeits $700,000 In Crypto


Robert Scola, US District Judge has imposed a 20-year prison sentence on 36 year-old Gal Vallerius also known as Oxymonster on the dark web drug hub Dream Market.

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The French-Israeli citizen was apprehended by police at Atlanta airport in 2017 while attending the World Beard and Moustache Championship in Austin Texas. He will start his prison term in Southern Florida after being convicted of money laundering and narcotics trafficking.


In his supplication assention, Vallerius confessed to offering drugs like oxycodone, heroin, cocaine, fentanyl and Ritalin in return for digital currencies including bitcoin and bitcoin money on the dim web. In excess of 100 BTC and 121.95 BCH – proportionate to over $700,000 – seized from him as continues of unlawful action will now be relinquished to the administration.

For some, the central issue following the relinquishment is: “The thing that is the fate of this immense measure of crypto in the hands of the U.S. government?”

An improvement of this nature isn’t new. In 2015, after Silk Street maker, Ross Ulbricht was given a lifelong incarceration, the legislature claimed 144,336 BTC found on his workstation. When the cost of one bitcoin was simply over $300, the administration understood a sum of over $48 million pitching to various sales. Some later scrutinized the administration’s hurried deal which kept it from winning unmistakably.

With his request assention, sources say Vallerius would need to “give every single vital secret phrase” to empower the administration obtain entrance. It stays indeterminate if the legislature will make comparative move to that taken of Silk Street, or postpone barters till costs indicate upward development. The uncommonness of this circumstance makes it difficult for examiners to anticipate what choice the legislature will make.

Prior this week, Irish local Gary Davis conceded to planning to offer medications on the Silk Street under the moniker Libertas. In 2017, the Area Court in California likewise seized over $8 million worth of cryptographic money from Alexandre Cazes who submitted suicide in Thailand in the wake of being blamed for running a dull web showcase AlphaBay. With more cases identified with wrongdoing which may eventually prompt comparative relinquishments, the U.S. government may very well manage crypto barters all the more routinely.

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