Review – Fraudulent Online Store, Patioplayset outlet Review – Fraudulent Online Store, Patioplayset outlet

The PatioPlaySetoutlet online store at is out to defraud unsuspecting people and swindle them of their cash. Online users are advised to avoid patioplaysetoutlet website because those who have bought from it are at risk of their personal, credit card and other payment processing information getting stolen and subsequently being used for fraudulent and criminal adventures.

The goods they even bought might not be shipped or transported to them. Even if they are eventually transported to some of the persons who bought, the set which will be shipped to them or delivered to them will be fake.

If you know you have visited patioplayset outlet and used your credit card or any card on it … Contact your bank for help.

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I personally suggest that you cancel your card and request for a new one.

Remember to contact us via to report any scam or suspected online fraud.

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