Randbuilders Net Moves To A New Domain Randbuildersmax – How Safe?

Randbuilders Moves To A New Domain – How Safe?

So this morning it happened that the peer to peer system in South Africa known as randbuilders which is operating from its domain and web space, randbuilders.net changed to randbuildersmax.net.

Most people are of the view that something might just be wrong somewhere as it seems nothing is wrong with the old domain. This is because this happens mostly when most schemes are on the verge of collapse,

Randbuilders operate as follows:



– Give R20, Get R40 – Upgarde  R40.00 – Keep R0.00

– Give R40, Get R160 – Upgarde R100.00 – Keep R60.00

– Give R100, Get R800 – Upgrade R500.00 – Keep R300.00

– Give R500, Get R6000 – Upgrade R2000 – Keep R4000.00

– Give R2000, Get R36 000 – Keep R36 000

They explained further thus:

“The initial payment to your upline will only be R20.00 and you can pay through Bitcoin or Bank. RandBuilders.net has a 5×2 forced matrix downline structure. As you pay the initial investment, you will be able to get instant access to excellent master resale rights products.”

On why the platform moved to another domain, the admins of Randbuilders are yet to answer this question. Stay tuned …

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The randbuilders website, randbuilders.net is officially closed. Notifying participants about this, the website wrote:


We would like to thank you all for your continued support and cooperation during our transition.

We will continue to work to ensure that we provide you with the best network marketing business which is not only cost effective but will continue to assist and support you on your road to financial independence through network.

We are sad to see some of our valuable family leave us, but we are certain that with what you have gained and learned from this business you will continue to spread your wings and change lives of those around you.

To all the members who continue to have faith in and grow with us, we are humbled by your continued faith and perseverance and know that 2018 will only get better and better with you in unity with the Business.

Thank you all once again and we wish you our valuable members the best in our new platform and guarantee you that greater wins are yet to come, for us and our communities at large!!

To continue the journey with us, please follow the link below to register a new user account and build your business!!


Together we will continue to grow with “The Power of Network”


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