1. Peoplesdream coup is a scam,I invested with them and wwithdrawn at the beggining of January till now nothing has happened, when I login it say searching for buyer my bit coin,is not only me but the person introduced me to it as well has never been paid.

  2. I’ve been trying to log in but it says the web cant be reached. I dont know that is the metter please assist me.

  3. I can’t log in anymore since after I was expecting my donation as it was due for payment, please help me I invested a lot of money but now I can’t be assisted. I advise you not to donate on this please people

  4. i have been trying to log in since am matured on the 28 may 2018, up until today am trying for more than ten times a day but dololo

  5. I have been trying to login with no success. I was expecting my donation since it has matured and it’s been 2 months and I havent received any communication, response or help.

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