1. Please I have been given two people to pay before I get my reward, Admi kindly rectify the situation quickly to prevent any inconveniences.

  2. I am ALFRED BAYUO ZULABUO and I have paid my recommitment 8 days ago and have not received my funds . kindly help me out .

  3. My initial payment of Gh$2309 was miscalculated to GH 1309 after the system restart. I wrote a report but up to now nothing has been done about it. Kindly work on it for me.

  4. I want to register and join GDC but with all these complaints, what is the assurance that GDC is working effectively and efficiently. Thanks

    • Obviously can something be sincere in this website again, I was involved but according to what happened to me, when I gave help about 3month now and they faild to matched me, then I got to know that it is not faithful

  5. Please it almost two months now since I provided help but I have not received my fun. If its not working anymore just my money

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