“Steve Tran” Lottery Donation Scam – Fraudulent Email

“Steve Tran” Lottery Donation Scam – Fraudulent Email

“Steve Tran” lottery donation scams are roaming the internet. The name of the California Powerball Jackpot winner, who won $636 million dollars, is being used by scammers in an attempt to trick potential victims into sending money and personal information.

The fraudsters claim their potential victims were randomly selected to receive donations from the lottery winner as part of his charity project.

The email comes thus: “From: Steve Tran <a0901989c@fie.umich.mx>

Date: 5/23/18 1:46 AM (GMT-08:00)



My name is Steve Tran. I and my partner won $648,000,000 on the last Powerball lottery jackpot August 2017. in January 2018 I had decided to make donations to my brothers around the world maybe that’s the best I can do for the world since I have always dreamed of this day and its been fulfilled gradually.i have a donation of $2,000,000.00 for you haven randomly selected your contact.i am giving out this donation because of the love I have for humanity and the needy in the society. Kindly contact me for this God giving gift via this email: rtom5504@gmail .com”

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Once the fraudsters have received their potential victims’ personal information, they will use the information to trick the potential victims into sending money, which they will claim is for some advance fees, which will cover banking and transfer costs, insurance payments or tax that the potential victims need to pay before they can receive the so-called donated money.

Note that when someone contacts you, claiming that you have won the lottery or you are the recipient of millions of dollars, and asks you to send money in order to receive your lottery winnings or prizes, it is a scam.

Remember to contact us via Testboo.com@gmail.com to report any online scam or suspected online scam for immediate action.

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