Todd Hirsch finally arrested in Panama

Todd Hirsch finally arrested in Panama

Serial scammer Todd Hirsch has finally been arrested in Panama. According to a local news, Hirsch was charged and found guilty of fleeing and attempting to elude, DUI, reckless driving and six counts of terrorism threats.

The terrorism threats came from Hirsch threatening to harm or kill law enforcement officers during his pursuit and subsequent arrest.

After being charged, Hirsch was sentenced to rehabilitation. He left the facility last November but failed to return to jail.

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Hirsch in believed to have gone to the Dominican Republic, but he returned Feb. 22 to Panama City, Panama. From there, he planned to travel to Medellin, Colombia, but was intercepted by Panamanian law enforcement officials, who took him to Miami to await extradition, said Capt. Justin Wells.

Todd Hirsch was the admin of the Cloud 2×2 Ponzi cycler.

Hirsch has launched numerous MLM scams with his latest attempt being Real Destinations International.


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