BAT Rewards Now Redeemable at Amazon, Apple

BAT Rewards Redeem Amazon and apple

Brave’s Basic Attention Token (BAT) can now be used to get “real-world rewards” with top brands, including Amazon, Uber, Starbucks, Xbox, Playstation, Hulu, HBO, Apple, Target, Domino’s and Walmart. Users earn BAT for seeing privacy-respecting ads while using the Brave browser.

Brave, a privacy-preserving browser that rewards its users with BAT for the ads they choose to watch has partnered with TAP Network to provide its USA users with access to rewards from 250,000 brands.

After being asked to clarify whether the rewards are only available for U.S. users, Brave’s head of communications Catherine Corre said:

“The network of providers is stronger in the US for this launch, so it is about availability. There are no legal restrictions, but if a user is not in the U.S., they will have less options for the gift cards.”
The Brave browser, it’s worth noting, recently surpassed four million daily active users, and 12.2 million monthly active users.

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