BitCashPay to launch a 3D non-fungible token game in the fourth quarter of 2021-Fred Bruno

Launching a 3D non-fungible token game in the fourth quarter of 2021 and its lauchpad to the masess, is a top priority for BitCashPay over the next year. With a greater cross-section of businesses to ensure that crypto payments can reach the masses , plans are also in place to establish partnerships.

Also, a serial entrepreneur who has been involved in the cryptocurrency sector since 2015 is the BitCashPay’s CEO,  Fred Bruno. He has also built a firm that supports crypto investors when it comes to portfolio management, as well as establishing a successful real estate company

One of BitCashPay’s first brands was the peer-to-peer lending platform FastCash3K, which arrived in the market back in July 2019.

Although the crypto markets have matured immeasurably in recent years, BitCashPay says there are still sources of friction that it wants to resolve. There can be high barriers of entry for those who want to open accounts, transaction fees can border on unaffordable for some, peak traffic can cause downtime at crucial moments, and some DEXs also have little to no liquidity.

In the coming months, BitCashPay is vowing to deliver low latency, seamless account creation and a user interface that’s accessible to all — complete with first-class customer service.

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