NFT: Digible to create DigiDuel to enable players to battle cards against each other

Partly out of personal preference, and also because it’s one of the biggest markets, Digible is starting with graded Pokémon cards.  This approach also helps to counter the threat of bad actors and the risk of fakes being auctioned.

“The idea is to have sports cards, trading cards, rare collectibles like stamps and comic books as well as anything else that people would want to trade,” he said. “If you have an idea for something that could be on the platform, please let us know directly.”

Other features in the Digible ecosystem include DigiGrade, which helps sidesteps backlogs with rival grading services.

“We figured if we’re only going to be accepting cards that are graded, we might as well take the cards that aren’t graded and help people expedite that process by leveraging our connections,” he said.

Meanwhile, DigiDuel is an upcoming product that enables players to battle cards against each other in a “winner takes all” scenario — and more information about this feature will be coming soon.

Following on from the AMA, Digible revealed that it has entered into a partnership with Steve Aoki — working together on physical and digital collectibles, grading, and a number of other exciting things.

With the world of NFT marketplaces beginning to get increasingly crowded, Pustelnik believes Digible has the unique use cases that sets it apart from the competition.


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