Nodeseeds to tokenize private sales and seed rounds

Democratizing a type of investment that has been “in the hands of the rich for far too long.” Is the goal of a crypto project.

Allowing enthusiasts to gain exposure to promising startups at all stages of their evolution if they have an appetite for risk, Nodeseeds says it tokenizes private sales and seed rounds

The project’s founders hope to tackle some of the biggest problems that exist in public sales at present. Those interested in getting involved often need to complete Know Your Customer checks on platforms they may be unfamiliar with, and their contributions can be capped. To make matters worse, whitelists can also be oversubscribed… meaning there’s no guarantee they’ll be able to participate after all.

Nodeseeds aims to counter through the use of a specially created token that aims to serve as an index reflecting what it backs. Dividends end up being distributed indirectly through the practice of buying back and burning NDS tokens on Uniswap.


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