Trevon James finally confirms FBI is investigating BitConnect

Trevon James finally confirms FBI is investigating BitConnect

Via a video released on March 5th titled, “GLAD I DON’T KNOW WHO’S BEHIND BITCONNECT”, top investor Trevon James has confirmed the FBI are investigating BitConnect.


Bitconnect pioneered the ICO lending Ponzi model in late 2016.


In January 2018 BitConnect collapsed and the admins of the company went into hiding with hundreds of millions of dollars.

Trevon also said he has told the story of his involvement in BitConnect to an FBI agent.

[1:48] I already told the story once to an FBI agent.

An FBI agent came to my house and um, I eventually talked to him on the phone and I told (him) the whole story.

We talked for an hour and thirty minutes. The end of the conversation was great.

The nature of the FBI investigation into BitConnect is at this stage unclear but what we do know though is that the FBI handles criminal cases.

James is currently scheduled to testify before the South Carolina Securities Division on March 15th.

Like the FBI investigation, the nature and scope of the Securities Division’s case is yet to be made public.

James maintains he knows nothing about BitConnect as a company.

[4:49] I’m actually glad that I don’t know anything like.

I remember there were times man, where I would ask Glenn.

I would say, “Man, when is this gonna happen. When is this…” And he would say, “The system doesn’t want me to talk about that. Doesn’t want you to talk about that. The System… I can’t tell you that”.

And I’m like, “Damn!” Y’know? But now I’m glad (laughter).

I’m glad I don’t know anything… so that means that there’s no proof that I knew anything.

So, God’s plan (more laughter).

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Glenn Arcaro is the most senior US-based BitConnect investor. He is also believed to have played a primary role in the day-to-day operations of BitConnect domestically and abroad.

Following BitConnect’s collapse, Arcaro fled the US and is believed to be hiding out in Asia.


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