Type ‘Amen’ on Facebook – Benefit, Bad luck, Help Children, Adults – Scam

Type ‘Amen’ on Facebook – Benefit, Bad luck, Help Children, Adults – Scam

All those Facebook posts asking you to type Amen or pray for this child, some even come with the caption don’t ignore. Beware of Facebook users who are posting pictures of sick children, adults or animals on Facebook, to trick other Facebook users into commenting on them by typing “Amen,” in order to make them popular.


It is another Like-Farming scam, and the pictures are being used without the owners’ consent. The scammers are playing with your conscience knowing fully well that you will be touched.


Scammers use the posts to gather up potential victims. Once they have enough Facebook users, they will start sending them unsolicited messages with links that will take potential victims to phishing websites that will steal their information, or malicious links that will take them to dangerous websites that will infect their computers with Spyware. The scammers may also send fraudulent messages claiming that their potential victims are lottery winners and they need to send money in order to claim their prizes.

See some of the many formats they use below:

  • “don’t scroll without typing amen.”
  • “if you woke up this morning and your thankful every day while being bless scroll down and type amen”
  • “how many likes can she get?”
  • “this baby still cute, scroll if your heartless”
  • “ignore if your heartless”
  • “keep scrolling if your heartless”
  • “Ignore If You Have No Heart”
  • “Don’t scroll without saying R.I.P”
  • “This is so sad type AMEN and lets see how many amen’s and likes he can get”
  • “Don’t scroll without showing respect”
  • “Please don’t scroll down without saying “Amen”
  • “Don’t Press Watch Without Typing Amen”
  • “1 like = 1000 prayers Don’t scroll without typing amen”
  • “Would You Save Your Mother? Type Yes Ignore NO”
  • “Do you trust in prayers? If yes so please pray for this baby take a minute and type “Amen” your one amen is one pray if you don’t love children so you can skip this”

If you have liked, commented or shared these scams, please try removing them from your timeline.

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Don’t forget to report any suspicious online scam or fake website to us via Testboo.com@gmail.com

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