1. I was supposed to receive earnit payment on 5th and 7th feb today is 7th and i have nothing…my maturity date has even been removed pls help

  2. my name is Kennedy Dushie my maturity date has pass yet still I haven’t received my money.
    So I want my account to be refund

    Account Name: Kennedy Dushie
    Account NO: 0555100005

  3. My name is Obed Offei.my muturity date was suppose to be 10th buh is not yet in which I dont understand….
    Name ..McDoya Gulaas

  4. I am Owusu Frederick, I was supposed to get my earnit payment on 2nd, and 8th February but yet no match. Help me, 0553636882.


  5. My name is Vincent Anani and my maturity date was 10th February
    and later changed to 3march but yet no March, Help please . no 0543054471.

  6. I changed my phone and I’m to send my backup code to an admin but its not going through.
    Backup code: 359878065464857

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