1. Since 21st feb some of us cant access the Vortex Website and there hasnt been any notification if there is maintenance! Can we please be informed of whats going on

    • I have been able to access vortex profits through vortex.org and not vortex.com. All the transfers made on 24 February are still to reflect in Payeer. Heaven knows if this will happen. The operations of Vortex are questionable.

  2. Please it about 3 weeks now without any information about vortex profits please keep us inline about whats going on we are like a sower rite now when he receives the little drops of rain he plant his seed and wait for the rain in order to germinates but when the rain comes the seed grows we enjoy the fruits. In simple way please keep us informed if there is anything we hope for the best vortex profits.

  3. If they will not return and give us what we invested only God will Gurge and they will be responsible to answer people’s cries!!!!

  4. Please any current news about vortex profits? We hope the CIA, FBI and other institutions get involved. Please they to be investigated and punished for this.

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