Vortex Profits Telegram Group, Whatsapp, Facebook – Vortexprofits

Vortex Profits Telegram Group, Whatsapp, Facebook – Vortexprofits

Vortex profits or Vortexprofits which is a MLM niche cum peer to peer donation platform website operating in the area of Gold and oil is currently offline.


The scheme operated largely in Tanzania, Botswana and France. The scheme reportedly gave a flash message saying they will be offline for some time to undergo a server upgrade and as it stands now many people’s money is currently trapped.


Vortex Profits is reportedly headed up by CEO Griffin Wrights and it operates in the financial MLM niche.

However, there is no information available on Wrights. Vortex Profits provided an Irish incorporation number on their website. The Vortex Profits website domain (vortexprofits.com) was registered on the 8th day of August, 2017.

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You can use the Livechat box herein to chat with fellow Vortexprofits participants and probably get a solution to your problems. You can also use the comment section to complain about this platform as we are working to get a valid group of Vortex Profits.

Vortex profits is still down and not loading and many people are afraid that their money is gone. However Vortex profits is believed to be undergoing upgrades and will reportedly come back. Stay tuned.

As it stands now there is no verified social media handle or group i can refer you to about Vortex profits to avoid getting scammed by people who pose as admins to defraud you. Stay tuned while we run checks to verify if there is any main group of Vortex profits.

Nothing has changed so far about Vortex profits. The site is still down as at the time of filing this report.

NB – Please remember to use the Live chat box or comment section to give us any information on this.


  1. so people announced that vortex is scammer but not real, I’m advice that as you vortex u wll have any connection to the different groups in order to give more clarification about what is going in your system thanks and we believe that u will back nice work and Godbless you

  2. Hi
    So what at all is wrong with vortex that they cannot communicate to us? For two weeks now can’t access my account.

    • helo dickson ernest, sorry for that happened in vortex profits, me i lost a lot of money more than 5000usd, with so many recruited members, we are told to be patient since the beginning of march but to date no more we can hope, start other opportunity vortex is no longer there as no updates given.

  3. So what at all is wrong with vortex that they cannot communicate to us? For two days now can’t access my account.

  4. I am a Tanzanian invested on vortex profits and the system shut down since February. No updates from our leaders and i don’t know what will happen to my investment

  5. what is the latest news about vortex profits is the weather still not OK or is the maintenance still on till now. Pls any latest news

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