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  1. zoukcoin exit scammed march 15th or 16th. There site was taken down, telegram chat deleted, all contact cut. I have talked with many investors, and have been in a private chat since a few days before there ico launched. i made my initial ico funds back plus maybe 200$ a day or 2 after there ico was done. But then invested around 3,500$ USD with the intent on holding. I also did a small loan that came out to there $1,001 tier, which only cost me 60$ at the time with there 5to1 promo..

    So we all sat in our private chat, all keeping ties with admins of zoukcoin, only when they came on telegram. I’ve had 1 email response from a admin at the zoukcoin domain. We were all excited about them setting there conversion rate. So for example my 1,001$ loan was making between 8$-18$ USD a day,. BUT because of there ‘promo’ when you went to cash out your earned interest, They made you convert USD->zoukcoin->sell zoukcoin for BTC.

    The problem was that the conversion from USD to ZOUK was at 5to1..So 100$ earned interest is really, 100 / 5 = 20.. 20 x .30(ex. current zouk price) = 6$ WHOOO 6$!! so we waited and waited, they announced they werent gonna remove the conversion rate, but they were going to make it way better. Sure enough, they changed it to 3to1…Which many cashed out but the majority of us were gonna wait it out.

    Then they announced how they were suffering attacks, but they were on it! That they were going to be listed on one of the major exchanges, as well as be a be a full ethereum er20 token, coinmarketcap listing etc….few days past and BAM everything dissapears.

    EVERYTHING gone. I lost over 3500$. My buddies did all the math. Zoukcoin made out with well over a million dollars. And not one person is able to get in touch with them. I am sharing this story with hopes there could be something we can do to make sure these crooks dont do this again and again. They all got it a way with it this time, i cant imagine they havent already started a new coin and are playing some new players. =[ If you have any info about zoukcoin and its team, please share and maybe we can stop them somehow! Thanks

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