$1.67 million investment secured by TradeStar in a private strategic funding round

Ethereum first fantasy stocks platform, TradeStar has revealed the completion of ist quite strategic round and funds are also being raised for creation of the platform.

A successfully raising $1.67 million has been made by TradeStar in the announcement they made on April, 22. The funding round of TradeStar was spearheaded by prominent firms such as, c. Also Sfermion, Taureon, Spark Digital Capital, Free Company, Faculty Group, Morningstar Venture and other famous key individuals.

A wealth of knowledge, experience, resources that were brought by the investors that participated in the private funding round and the aforementioned aids in structuring TradeStars into platform that will benefit all users.

The funds will be used to accelerate product development and growth that is critical to Tradestars’ mission of transforming gaming and providing more immersive and enjoyable experiences.

Securing funding in the crypto space is crucial for a new project as many investors are focused on already established projects. So, when investors back a new project it usually has a unique value proposition that makes it appealing to investors. Tradestars is such a highly valuable project as noted by LD Capital CEO who said:

Tradestars is definitely one of the most innovative NFT projects in our portfolio. First of all, Tradestars’s valuation proposition is unique. It provides users a method to leverage and trade fantasy stocks for their favourite sports players by creating digitized versions of actual players. This provides users a brand new way to exchange sports knowledge for joy and benefit. Anyone who wants to find out how much his sports knowledge worth, Tradestars will be his go to platform. Billions of traditional sports fans will be attracted to the platform as well as the crypto world. 

The team behind a project is also very important for investors as they usually play a significant role in its success or failure. The TradeStars team was a strong indicator that earned them the endorsement and investment of Sfermion with the fund’s representative stating 

TradeStars is a crypto-native fantasy sports application. TradeStars democratizes access for users around the world who want to use their sports knowledge to bet for, or against, athletes and games. We are extremely happy to support Christian and the TradeStars entire team.

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