Amid fresh Price Surge ETH breaks all -time high

By February 19, 2021, Ethereum Crypto, has reached an all time price high near $2, 041. Also, Ethereum is regarded as the second largest Bitcoin by market cap .

According to TradeView Data, Ethereum has reached a record price high of approximately $2,081 and also $2,067  is the current price of ETH.

Posting a higher low on the second correction, ETH has corrected twice on its daily chart, since February high. The asset however, dropped down to $1,293, in the days after its $2,041 summit. Before falling in March 13 back down near $1,546 in subsequent days, ETH recovered up to about $1,943 by March 13.

Since the drop down near $1,546, ETH has posted four consecutive green daily candles. Today will be the fifth, if it closes green.

CoinMarketCap lists ETH as the second largest asset by market cap currently. Holding a market cap near $239 billion at time of publication, ETH sits comfortably in second place above Binance Coin (BNB), but a long way from Bitcoin’s (BTC) $1.1 trillion total valuation.

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