Bank of America Phishing Text and Email Messages, Call – Scam Alert

Bank of America Phishing Text and Email Messages, Call – Scam Alert

Bank of America or BoA account holders who have received SMS text or email messages looking like they were sent by the Bank of America, asking you to call a particular phone number, visit a website, or respond to them, if you have not responded yet, then you are lucky and safe. This is because the messages are phishing scams being sent by scammers to trick their potential victims into disclosing their Bank of America’s account credentials, and their personal and financial information.

Once they have gotten their potential victims’ Bank of America information, they will use it to transfer their money and use their accounts to commit fraud. Therefore, if you have received messages appearing as if they came from the Bank of America, asking you to call a number or respond to them with your personal or financial information, please report this to the Bank of America.

If you have already acted on it, please contact the Bank of America for help. I advise you just quickly change your login details. You can call the Bank of America using the number below.

  • 1 (315) 724-4022

Some of the Fake Bank of America Text or Email Messages come thus:

  • “From: Bank of America [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Monday, February 20, 2017 6:40 AM To: [email protected] Subject: Time-Sensitive Message from Bank of America”
  • “Dear customer, please visit (Ref #81923)”
  • “Please visit (Customer #55863)”
  • “Your BOA-acct is temporarily disabled by our Security Dept. Learn more: http:/ow. ly/Dnul308wk6?ID756666.”
  • “Warning / Please visit: apps-bankofamerica .com”
  • “Notification / You have an account notification: protect-bankofamerica .com”
  • [email protected] / Customer alert / Please confirm www.boa-card .net”
  • “(Alert: Suspicious Activity) Case 160027. Please visit http://account.id1999310bankofamerica .com.
  • “Online / Security message:”
  • “Account Notice) Case 1012181. Please visit http://client.bankofamerica-id14713 .com”
  • “(Attention: Suspicious Activity) Account notice:”
  • “Valued member, we detected unusual activity on your account. To securely update your information, follow the link: http://bankofamerica.text-id338. com”
  • “FRM:*Important-bankofamerica^MSG* MSG:Account Access Blocked. Please read this ASAP: xloginbofaadmin .com”
  • “(BofA)-Important Message – Due to recent updates in our system you need to verify your information. Click the link below: http://bankofamerica.sms-”
  • “BOfA: Your Bank Card is restricted due to failed payments. Follow and remove Account limitation in 3 Easy Steps.”
  • “(Visit# Now) [fgeck]We are sorry but your_Bank0fAmeirca-issues#”
  • “[188] We are sorry but your: BnkofAmerica-is-locked”
  • “(BoA) Debit Card locked. visit www.xxxxxxxxxx.”
  • “(855)996-0808 (BoA) Debit Card Locked. visit www.(my cell number).”
  • “(go-to: We are sorry but your bnk0famerica-debit visa is locked”
  • “(Dear , this important Message is from BankofAmerica. Debit-Visa issues)Contact us now at 5182123866 and remove the limit. “
  • “18559333547: (BoA) Debit Card Locked. visit www.312xxxxx20.”
  • “(bank of america message: important – please call at 630-701-6543 to review your account. Client id: 55g5lpfxf3dd5an)”
  • “([B a n k O f A m e r I c a] UrgentMessage.Please Ring: (818) 688-4222)”
  • “Bank Of America – ACCOUNT LOCKED Member: 7735471815. Urgent CALL : (855) 277-7117
  • “([B A N K OF A M E R I C A] UrgentNotification Contact: 914 266 8559)”
  • “(Office My B.O.F.A Attention needed Contact: 9142668559)”
  • “(MYB.O.F.A Urgent Notification Contact: 914 266 8559)”
  • “(My Master Urgent Notification Contact: 914 266 8559)” came from [email protected]
  • “([bank of america]}Your Attention Is Needed.Call 323 937 7432”
  • [email protected] ([BOfA]UrgentNotification.Contact: 831-298-1164)”
  • “Direct debit solve please call now.”
  • “Fwd: (Please Contact Bank Of America HelpDesk @ 1(978) 290 5085)”

Please do not respond to these emails as bank of America will never direct you to another website of as you to send your contact details.

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Remember to contact your bank immediately if you have used your card on this website or just block the card and request for a new one.

Remember to contact us via [email protected] to report any thing and also enquire about anything.

Update – Most greedy and lazy people get scammed. Be wise and stay woke …

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