Bitcoin would not have been without the one time regrettable eating Pizza

In exchange for a total of 10,000 BTC, Laszlo Hanyecz, on May 22, 2010 reported through bitcointalk forum that he has successfully purchased two pizzas.

Laszlo Hanyecz made history by making a transaction that involves Bitcoin and at that time, the coins were worthless by all standards, not even yet trading for a penny each and in the mind of Laszlo, he was making a great deal

Currently, the two pizzas are the most regrettable pizzas of all time and because those 10,000 BTC are worth half a billion dollars.

A Tesla now costs nearly a full coin – which is a heck of a lot more valuable than two pizzas.

Given how far Bitcoin could ultimately climb in years to come and how far cars depreciate the moment they are driven off the lot, could make the BTC of Tesla to be as the 2010 transaction of Laszlo that is quite regrettable.

In ten years’ time, people could be appalled by the idea of spending a full coin on a car. The major difference between these people and Laszlo, is that he’s a pioneer that will forever by synonymous with the history of the cryptocurrency, potentially being a primary factor in its development into what it has become today.

Who knows, without his proof-of-concept purchase of two pizzas, the technology might have failed to gain mainstream adoption. And while buying a Tesla is cool and all, there’s nothing more recognizable than a delicious pizza pie

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