Launches Screensaver Which Mines Monero For Charity Launches Screensaver Which Mines Monero For Charity

Social petition platform is asking its supporters to install a screensaver that will mine monero on behalf of the for-profit organization’s charitable foundation.

Named “The Mining Screensaver,” the tool activates whenever a user steps away from his or her computer for a set period of time. As long as the device remains powered on, the tool will use the PC’s idle processing power to run software that mines monero, a privacy-centric cryptocurrency that cannot currently be mined using specialized mining hardware called “ASIC miners.”

That notwithstanding, it’s still not very profitable for a user to mine monero on a single PC. However, if thousands of supporters pool their resources to mine on’s behalf, the organization could net a significant windfall to help fund its charitable arm.

The screensaver is currently only available for Windows devices, and from the announcement it’s unclear if will release it for other operating systems.

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